wanted: wanted: insuk's wang kong (runner bean)

Koreansoul(9)May 1, 2014

My mother is Korean and I really want to grow this bean for her for a taste of home.

I have a fairly long trade list if you're interested in anything I have. If not then let me know what you're looking for I just may have it or have a way to get some!


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Try the link below. It's a large page, but the section about 7th from the bottom lists them:

"2014 Beans: Runner(Phaseolus coccineus)
Golden Sunshine: 80 days. Large masses of scarlet flowers on greenish yellow foliage. 6 to 8 inch flat green pods. Plants get 6 feet tall. 1 oz. Pkt. - $3.00

Insuk's Wang Kong: 80 days. Phaseolus coccineus A true red flowering runner bean. I used to raise runner beans with great success in Idaho, but have failed with all types here in Iowa except for this one. Vigorous, colorful and productive, but a mix of seed colors. 1 oz. Pkt. - $3.00 OG

Painted Lady: 75 days. Beautiful red and white flowers producing 10 inch, thick podded beans that have pinkish brown seeds with dark streaks. First introduced in 1855. (Approximately 15 seeds/Pkt.) 1 Pkt. $3.50 OG

Sunset: 70 days. A truly unique selection with peach colored blossoms and nice yields of 6 inch green flat pods. 1 oz. Pkt. - $3.00

White Emergo: 80 days. Tolerates heat better than most runners. White flowers. 1 oz. Pkt. - $3.00"

Here is a link that might be useful: Sand Hill Preservation Center

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Thank you!

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