HAVE: Updated Trade List - Lots of Hot Peppers

Koreansoul(9)June 16, 2014

HI all!

I'm looking to do some trades. I have limited numbers of most of my hot pepper seeds until after the season gets going full bore (the pods need to ripen).

I'm looking for Scotch Bonnets, Aleppo, Brain Strains, Broccli, Insucks runner beans, and other interesting things. Please let me know!

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Do you have Shishito pepper ?
In return I have Runner bean .

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I will trade broccoli for anything hot! My peppers turned out to be brandywine tomatos this year, due to a trade on another seed trade site...lol!

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Send me an email is there anything in particular you're looking for? I'm happy to just send you some. :)

I do have shishito peppers. Please PM me.

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