Broody Chicken-to late for eggs?

nelda1234October 8, 2008

I have a Broody girl that just screams & screams at me! Is it to late in the year to give her eggs to sit on?


OK- this is a two part question, just enlarged coop. In a pickle about whether to put nesting boxes in new area (some what darker) and put roosting bars in front (lighter here)or should it be the other way around?

any thoughts?



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What zone are you in? I had let a guinea hen on some eggs later in the season, but she hatched them in early september. The keats were okay, but they weren't as large as they usually are. I had to kick a broody guinea off a nest, she wouldn't have hatched them out and by the time they would have feathers, it would be too cold.

Unless you don't mind taking the chicks and raising them under a light to keep them warm till they feather out, you might want to not let her..depending on your situation.

Re the nesting boxes, the hens seem to like dark places to lay eggs, sounds good to me!

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I am in Zone 5 (Indiana) Love to have them inside the kids would love it! Thanks for advice Re nestings boxes-just was not sure.


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I have a broody on eggs right now and all is going well. i had a broody hatch eggs last october and theyre big and healthy now. it gets pretty cold where i live and all the babies did fine with mom.

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did not think to ask should I put her in her own area away from other hens or let her stay in the general population?

should I mark them-just in case other hens try and sneak in an extra egg or two? Makes me feel better knowing that you have one sitting on eggs now, thanks

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If you can move the broody hen to her own space, that is even better, especially if she has her own water and food supply. That way if the chicks hatch and get out of the nest, they won't get attacked by the adult chickens.

The only thing about raising the peeps inside is, you should keep them in all winter. You can't keep them inside and then when they get feathers stick them out into the cold, they wouldn't be ready for such an extreme change in temperature. I guess if you have a garage that would be okay when they get feathers, then you could still have a light they can stay under in case they get chilly.

Good idea to mark the eggs with a pencil...those chickens sure can be sneaky, ha ha!

Don't forget though, they do say that spring chicks are healthiest.

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