pot bellied pigs hooves

lil_chick_ladyOctober 24, 2007

hi we recently adopted a 2 year old pot bellied pig. while his previous owner was a very nice person, he did not know the proper care that "hormel" required. he fed the pig a daily dose of captian crunch cereal, spagetti with itlian bread, cookies, etc. and let's not forget the daily can of beeror two. yes- we adopted a 352lb alcoholic pig. we have had our pig for just over 1 month now and am happy to say he has adjusted rather well. he has a main diet of pig elder, no beer, the ocasional fruit, veggie, but for the most part just his pig food. so far so good he hasn't seemed to hold the new diet against us. however the previous owner never had "hormel" hooves trimmed. i have tried to contact several ferriers but have not had any luck finding one that will combat our pig for us. we have looked online and found one site offering the "best" in trimmers to be found but they appear to be nothing more then a $40.00 pair of prunning shears. does anyone know if these will work, we have read that nippers are not a good idea, so now we are at a loss as for how to take care of the hooves. we do not want to see our new pig go lame on us.

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Miss_Kitty(6a KY)

you can always try a file, the ferriers files are good and sharp. It will take time to train the pig.

There is always the expensive router: the vet.

Training the pig is the most important part.
Cheat, use his favorite foods.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Considering the age and size of the "patient", I would get one of the clicker training books, and use those principles to teach Hormel to let you handle his legs and feet and then to file the hooves. It may take a little more time, but will be easier on all concerned not to have a wrestling match. And, the job will be easier the next time. Teach in small increments, and if he's really good about one lesson, quit there, while you are ahead! Since he's gone 2 years without trimming, another few weeks won't kill him.

If you know a farrier, ask for a file he considers worn out - it will be plenty sharp enough for your sometime job, just not for his full-time work. If farriers aren't among your acquaintances, then any feed store or tack store should have blacksmith files, but they are pricey as I recall. If you can, put a handle on it - that narrow tang has sharp edges. And wear gloves - new files are SHARP!

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ouch,if the pig has not yet had his hooves done,it will take alot of training and patience!! You may have to find a good vet and have him tranquilized for this. They HATE having their hooves done at the best of times,even the ones who have it done regularily. Good luck,maybe you can give him a shot of jack daniels first! (only kidding)

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I too have pet pigs and had this very problem. I finally ordered one of those trimmers offered online and cut the pigs' hooves myself. It wasn't very hard. Pigs love special treats, so just have one person distract him and keep feeding him a treat he really likes, and have the other person down on the ground cutting the hooves.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

While the extent of trimming needed for the first trimming may indeed dictate that the vet sedates the pig, animals don't learn much at all, if anything, while tranquilized or sedated. It won't make doing the job the next time around any easier, except in that the hooves are shorter.

I would suggest that you either use the distraction of treats, as Siouxsies advises, maybe doing the job over several days, or you spend the necessary time to train Hormel to let you do it, using clicker/target training. The latter would take more time initially, perhaps, but would be quicker in the long run.

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I have a potbelly called Emma. She had never had her hooves tirmmed. Can someone PLEASE e-mail a 'pic' of the tool I should use. I have tried so many people in SA, but know one seems to have pigs in my area.
Many thanks.

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