wheezing hen and meds.

claraserena(4)October 7, 2008

A couple days ago I noticed a Buff Orphington hen was making funny hiccupping/squeak sounds and then realized she was wheezing. I have her in a separate cage that t just brought in the house where it is warm and dry. Her poop is a little thin and whitish. I don't see anything else abnormal.

She is still squeaking a lot and hasn't eaten much. But until I brought her in she was very active and appeared healthy.

I got Sulmet "drinking water solution" and mixed some in her water (2 T/gallon). But it seems like she will get very little medication as it would take her a long time to drink a gallon of water. I don't know how much she has drunk. Is there another form of Sulmet (or other meds--I have read posts suggesting many different drugs)? She is making little wheezing-crying sounds at regular intervals (she's 3 feet away from me now). I just don't understand the dosage for one chicken for this problem. The other chickens seem fine.

IÂm worried about her as she is obviously not breathing right.

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I hate to say that I lost a bird with those symptoms a few weeks ago. She was making that wheezing noise and I could see that her breathing was labored. Otherwise, she ran and ate as normal. Thankfully none of my other birds have any symptoms. I hope someone can answer your question as I would be interested in what I should have done or if it will help. Lori

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Velvetsparrows web site is a good one to go to.


I hope this helps.


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