It's mid-Oct. & hen started sitting on eggs today. HELP!

undercover_owl(8 Pac.NW)October 13, 2005

I think it's a recipe for trouble, but I've never had this situation. Could things possibly turn out okay?

"Quantess" is the youngest hen, a golden seabright. She only started laying eggs in September, and she already wants to be a teenage mom. She's just a "spring chicken", who has no idea how cold winter gets.

Shes' also in a bad location: on the ground between containerized plants, only a window-box overhead to keep her dry. We got stopped gathering her eggs out of laziness/indifference. She is sitting on 14 eggs.

I THINK IT'S A BAD IDEA! I want to take her eggs away, but some people who live here are enchanted with the idea of baby chicks in mid-winter. They think moving the hen & nest to a better location will solve the problem. I think taking her eggs away would solve the problem. What do you think?

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Oh my goodness, what fun!

You must be asking yourself, "Where did I go wrong?" I'm sure you're not the only chicken mom who's asked herself that question. Those girls get into their teens and they want to do all kinds of things you wish they'd never do! LOL

I don't really know the answer to your question. I've always had a chicken
coup or a chicken house. Mine are free ranging, so they lay all over, including in their boxes inside their house, but we pick the eggs up. In the
winter they lay inside the house in the nest boxes.

I think that if you move her eggs she may not be interested anymore. Can you make a temporary (heated) shelter under, over and around the nest? That may not work either, though.

I'm pretty sure one of the chicken experts will come along soon and tell you what you should do with them.

Good luck! : )

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I haven't had chickens for years, but I see you are zone 8, so the cold won't be so bad. I would just let her alone. When the eggs hatch, you can move her inside. Of course, if you just don't want to be bothered, you can remove the eggs. I think it would be lots of fun to see what happens.


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sweetgreen(z5 MI)

If it were me, I would take them away from her too. She's rather young to be taking on that responsibility, when mother nature isn't going to be helping her at all.

But since you live with others and have to come to some agreement, I'd vote for moving the eggs/nest. Do you have an enclosed coop and nest boxes? And then when the teen-mom gets confused, she won't sit them and you won't have winter chicks - you got your way after all!

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try moving her into a little dog house, the kind with a plastic flap for the door and line it with straw, that way she could get in out of the elements and the wind off of her and let her hatch them if you want...sounds like fun. I would love for our chickens to get broody but not in the winter, although we would probably just move her into the basement into a temporary pen hubby can assemble in minutes. We keep lots of shredded paper and a brooder light just in case....we have had so many chicks and turkey poults in our basement it's not funny....

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undercover_owl(8 Pac.NW)


Last night we moved Quantess and her nest to a secure, safe (and comfortable, I might add!) enclosure. I guess she got confused and didn't realize that those really were her eggs, and she just wanted out. Today, after we let her out, she is now sitting on her now-empty nest under the window box. Little knucklehead!

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

I think it's for the best...14 eggs is way too many for a little Seabright to set anyway, and you probably wouldn't have had a very successful hatch. If you do decide to hatch chicks under a hen I'd go with 5-7 eggs, that's usually what the girls can reasonably handle.

Now you've got a broody hen to break though, which can be tough. I've got a little partridge bantam cochin hen that's been broody (sans eggs) for more than a month now. Keep taking away her eggs and of course move her to a safe enclosure at night so predators can't get her. If you click on my 'My Page' link there is info on broody hens there that might help. :)

Velvet ~:>

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undercover_owl(8 Pac.NW)

Velvet Sparrow:
I read your "me page" about broody hens & found it very helpful & true. I have 2 golden sebright hens, both spring chickens, and both are/were broody.
I originally asked about hen "Quantess"...

Well, I didn't mention that our other golden sebright, "Quanto" had been sitting on a hidden nest since late August! Obviously, she's sitting on rotten eggs. No one knows where her nest is....under the tool shed, we suspect. We will smell it soon.

This morning I grabbed Quanto while she was off the nest to eat. She was easy to grab because she was challenging me like a rooster. I locked her in a side-compartment of the coop. She seems to be doing fine. Acting weird, but, healthy.
My question is, how long until I can let unsuccessful wanna-be-mom "Quanto" out?

And, what is it with these Golden Sebright hens being so desperate to be moms, yet, so undesired by the roosters?!

We have a Barred-Rock rooster and a Polish Crested rooster but both boys see Quantess & Quanto as desirable as chopped liver.

Quantess and "Jackie" the polish crested roo were raised as a pair. The two were lil' buddies...until Jackie matured & met the beauty queen hen "Fancy".
The 2 roosters compete over Fancy. Of course the bigger Barred Rock roo won the competition. Jackie only mates with his chickhood girlfriend, Quantess, when Fancy isn't around. Quantess is 2nd fiddle.

Quanto, the Quantess look-alike hen .... I think she's still a virgin.

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