Hewetta the Cornish X is now 32weeks old

seramasNovember 20, 2008

Hewetta is now 32 weeks old. Her weight is about 31 pounds +/- 2 lbs. She lays an egg every other day. She is a very good mouser and she still waddles but that is because of the broad breastbone and wide hip placement. She doesn't have any hip/leg problems due to the Vitamin/mineral supplements and proper dietary protein levels as she was growing. She eats about one cup of 15% layer, all the mice she can catch and plenty of busy foods (apples,greens, squash...) each day.

In September we bought 100 day old Cornish X cockerels and received 104. Lost 2 chicks the first night to a cat, at first we thought it was a rat but 2 days later caught the cat 'red pawed' reaching into the tub to get another McChick snack. At 5 weeks old we lost 4 to some neighborhood kids that have been steeling from us regulary.

We still have 98 left and plan to butcher them next weekend.

The key to being successful with them is nutrition. They will develop hip problems (hip perthes) and congestive heart conditions due to poor nutrition during extremely rapid growth. So if you don't want to add extra vit/min supplement to their water and feed a 23%+ protein Broiler feed their entire life (7-10 week) do them a favor and don't get them.

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I would love to see a picture of Henrietta!

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Visit http://www.virgilwalters.com/ to see pictures of Hewetta and Friends.

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Looks like she's thriving! We had one Cornish X that lived to about 9 months and another we killed at about 11 months--she had very few feathers by that time and was not getting around well.

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

seramas, You need to add a couple of geese to your flock, that ought to take care of theiving neighbourhood kids!
Hewetta looks great! My 47 broilers have about 3 weeks left. This is my first time with meat birds, I'm amazed (shocked/frightend?) at how fast they grow. It's a little freakish.

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