butchering a chicken

runningtrailsNovember 27, 2008

I found this site:


That shows how to kill and skin a chicken and cut it into pieces all at one time. Don't you need to hang the chicken to "bleed-out" before cuttingup and eating?

Has anyone used this method?

I want to do this myself and am doing research into the best method.

I have also read that the feathers skim off real ealy within the first 30 secs of so after killing the chicken and folks that are fast at it can just pull them all off in one swoop as soon as they chop off the head. Is this true? Does it really work that way?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know how to pluck the feathers when dipping in scalding hot water but thought the above methods might be faster and easier.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

You want to let the bird bleed out before you take it apart.

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Hi runningtrails,

here is another web site that has step by step butchering with pictures that is really good.


today I butchered 26 chickens and just finished a little bit ago - definitely let them bleed out first - must have-lung scraper-great little tool! We used the cone to cut and bleed out, it holds five chickens at one time. We had a barrel that has elec. run to it to keep the water at a steady temperature with therm. attached to it. We also used a battery oper. timer that we turned on-set for 40sec
We just pushed button dipped for 40sec/timer goes off pull out and put in feather plucker/clean off any feathers still attached(just a few), put in an ice bath.

the worst smell I thought was the wet feather smell, pew!!!!!

It was not hard just really time consuming, you think you will never get done - the most time consuming was the removal of the viscera.


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That is a great site! Good pictures! I will probably only do a few at a time.

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I had to do it all by myself from start to finish - so if you don't have any help just a few at a time is a wise decision. I have never been so tired in all my life!! But on the other hand I was proud of myself and all that I did - and we will certainly eat well this winter.

I even kept the livers,gizz,hearts and some necks for giblet gravy--yum yum!!!!!

Next year believe me somebody WILL be helping me!!!!!!!


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We too keep all the L-G-H along with the backs and necks. I steam cook them, let them cool while the potatoes-carrots-onions and what ever frozen peas-green beans-okra and what ever else is present are cooked in the same steamer. When veggies are finished they are then dumped into the water in the bottom of the steamer (has all the drippings from chicken and veggies) sometime have to add a bit more water. While the veggies were cooking the meat was stripped off the bones and were added back to the pot. Steaming the veggies keep them from getting mushy in the water. Complete meal in a bowl in about 40 minutes. One more thing I take my socks off before eating (or it will knock them off it's so good).

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Hi Seramas,

you are so funny! I would change into my sweats too!

That dish sounds yummy yummy! anymore good recipes?

I'll try that dish soon and let you know if my socks go flying :)


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I basically steam everything except sliced bread. If there is any left overs I pour them into a glass oven dish that is big enough to leave about 1.5 inches top space and make drop biscuits or sour dough biscuits in an amount that will cover the whole thing. Warm oven to 350F to 425F (depending how hungry I get) and pop it in 'till biscuits are done.

Instead of biscuits you can top with cottage cheese (or any kind of cheese). Try stuffing's on top. The combos are only limited by your imagination. There is no need for spices but if so inclined try your favorite blends.

With my steamer anything that fits gets steamed. Oh, ya. I forgot about adding mushrooms (in any amount) and even olives mixed into the biscuits. My wife likes those shoe string potato chips and sometimes those canned onion rings. Like I said let your mind wander and it will probably taste good!

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I have a bread maker - lazy, but efficient and quick! I think I'm hungry :) A trip to the kitchen sounds like the order of the day!! Anytime you feel like passing on a recipe - I'm sure everybody will enjoy a nice steamy knock your socks meal!! :)

Thank you, (from the bottom of my stomach)!


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I got a great (and healthy, but it tastes great) recipe from "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon, you take the carcass, feet (if you got 'em), head, etc and chop up some veggies like carrots, celery, 1 onion), and add 1 tbsp vinegar to a pot, fill with cold water. Let it set on the stove for an hour, and then bring to a boil, skim the scummy stuff off the surface, and bring it to a simmer, put the lid on and let it simmer on the stove from 12 to 24 hours. 10 minutes from being done, add a bunch of parsley. The bones should be soft. Makes great stock! Strain, put it in the fridge and skim the fat off when it cools off. Just make sure to not use an aluminum pot, use stainless steel.

It makes a great base for all sorts of meals, or even plain chicken soup. The vinegar leaches calcium and phosphorous out of the bones into the soup.

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Hi Mersiepoo,

Yummy, Yummy - I kept some of everything! didn't say anything yet did not want people to think I was wacked out! LOL! the recipe sounds great - is the stock anything like chicken feet soup? lost my recipe and can't remember all that goes into it. I will be trying all recipes soon! Can you freeze it for very long -I thought of doing a bunch and splitting it up in smaller containers to freeze.

thanks a bunch,

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

That combination is called Mirepoix and it is the classic trio of french cooking. A way to get a bit more flavor is to roast it first, toss the carcass and the mirepoix in a baking pan and in to the oven, then after roasting it for a short time at 450 pull it out and toss it all in a pot. Add water and vinegar and some herbs and simmer it for a few hours, pull off any scum that forms and do not stir the pot (this makes the broth cloudy) simmer for as long as you like, adding water as needed. Salt and pepper to taste.

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There are certainly some great ideas here! I won't be trying the self butchering until next fall, all things staying the same. Using the whole chicken for soup sounds like a good, thrifty idea.

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