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runningtrailsNovember 26, 2008

Is there something I can use to relax my 14 yr old shi tzu/bichon so that I can clip his nails and clean his eyes? He won't let me near him to do those things. He loves attention and petting and is a great dog, otherwise. In the past year he has developed a real phobia of having his eyes cleaned. It has always been a battle to clip his nails.

He is mostly deaf and can't see in dim light. Maybe that has something to do with this new fear of eye cleaning, but it has to be done. I have tried everything. He doesn't just complain and fight, it's pure panic. It takes three of us, with one feeding him to distract him, to get the job done and he is so traumatized afterwards. He's so old we are afraid that the trauma itself might kill him. I have tried everything.

Is there a simple and safe drug we can give him to get these things done?

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I had an old dog that way and the Vet sold me some pills that did the trick. There was no office visit charge because the Vet was familiar with him, so try your regular Vet.

Duke was so bad that he would #1 and some times 1&2 from the experience. The pills just mellowed him out.

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I don't have a vet. We took him to the local vet at 6 mos to be neutered and I think they didn't give him enough anathetic. He would absolutely refuse to set foot inside that door after that. No way! We get his shots every year at a free clinic that is held in a city garage. He's okay with that. That's why I'm asking here for something I can get.

What were those pills called?

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It was back in 1997. Can't remember what they were called. My notes are in storage for that year. Try calling the Vet that neutered him, he should be able to sell you them without a visit. Make sure you have an accurate weight of the dog when you call, the strength goes by weight. Same pill they use to calm dogs for air shipping.

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Sounds like just what I need. I'll see if I can fine out.

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It's actually illegal for a vet to prescribe something for an animal that she/he hasn't seen.

Although I can ask my vets for drugs sometimes, it's because they've seen my animals before for that particular condition, so it's more of a refill. That way, they know the animal has been properly diagnosed, and is being treated appropriately.

Any kind of sedative/tranquillizer could be very dangerous for an elderly dog, should they have heart/kidney/liver problems, so I doubt that a vet would prescribe any without checking the dog out very carefully first.

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That's too bad. I was hoping for something to help calm him. We're afraid the stress of holding him down will be too much for him. He panics at the sight of me sitting down with a damp washcloth for his eyes or scissors in my hand and just loses it if we hold him down. Sometimes three of us can do it if one is feeding him constantly to distract him and one is holding and one is cleaning/cutting hair. He still fights, even while eating, but it's doable - however, he is getting worse.

A vet could never do it. We've had him at vets before, when he was younger and it was manageable, although still difficult, and they've been unable to examine him. He panics upon entry. I've had vets just give up after repeatedly trying to look in his ears.

There's no way a commercial dog groomer would have a chance.

We just don't know what to do.

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Could you ask the vet to make a house visit? Our vet does so for elderly animals that stress out in a car or carrier cage. If the vet you took the dog to previously for neutering can't make house visits, call several and explain the problem. Our experience with veterinarians is that they are very caring, accomodating people.

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I could give that a try, but the vet would have to sedate him. Maybe that's the only way, but probably very costly.

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