Any Plans For Your Farm This Next Year?

bulldinkie(pa)November 9, 2010

My hubby had a guy come in to paint some trim,windows,vents etc,Im hoping to get a new chicken house,its small you dont have to go in to collect eggs,just lift the door eggs are there.

He wants to build a corn barn ,mainly for looks..

Id love to make more raised beds,love gardening,raised beds boxs ,things just seem to do really good in there.I have 8 boxes now.

We'd like to get 2 goats to clean between pine trees.

Its fenced in so the texas longhorns dont destroy the pine trees.Im sure well find alot more to do,its always something that needs attention.

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goodhors(z5 MI)

We have some very large Oaks to remove. Two are storm damaged, only two real branches left. The other is close by, rotten in the center, some dead limbs, but has a nice green top every year. They are on both sides of the large truck parking pad, husband is afraid they will fall or drop limbs on his trailers. We are working on various scenarios, will need special equipment to take off branches before felling the trunks. Tall trunks, with other trees, the barn, HOUSE, in the way to dropping them. One is a Burr Oak, has the cutest acorns each year, with fuzzy caps.

I have a number of shrubs I dug up to be out of the tree removal, will have to go back in. Then I need to put in another couple trees for replacing these. I am thinking of Beeches, not common locally. Plenty of room to grow big there.

Need to add dirt at all the gates, have tracked it away so we are seeing geotextile fabric again. Extra dirt keeps the gate areas from being mud pits with animals going thru daily.

Have to get the wood sides on the stock trailer in case we want to use it this winter. Not planning to use it, but sometimes you want to. Warmer with wood over the slats.

Husband has some other projects, will have to help when he gets at them. The garden shed needs organizing too, that will be a good days work on a warmish day. Have just been piling stuff inside as I go on to other jobs. Have a couple harness racks to hang up. He plans to do a lot more with the horses, so handy racks will have stuff right at hand for him. Young horses are getting more reliable, so they will be learning more this winter, then they can go out and be seen next summer. Lots of hours in developing young animals.

Most winterizing stuff is done, I feel PREPARED! Still have to net the pond, prevents leaves in the bottom. Cleaning the filter often, trying to get any loose stuff cleaned out. Much harder to clean the filter once the nets are on.

Bird feeders are up, but still lots of seeds about, so not feeding them yet. Holes fixed in privacy fence so small dog can't escape the yard. Mulched those things needing it. Have to rabbit fence some shrubs they really find tasty.

I feel guilty not enjoying the sunshine while we have it. Once cold and gray days come, then I can work on inside projects like harness cleaning and conditioning, sewing. LOTS of leather that needs attention.

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I'd love to expand our beds and garden area, as well as the orchard, but my wife and I seldom agree on anything. I doubt much will get done next year, but I always try to plan for spring. I was shopping for online seed sales, but I haven't yet done my seed inventory. That will have to be done prior to doing much ordering. Some friends (neighbors) of ours have an orchard, and they had lots of interest in their produce from the customers of the orchard last year, so they are starting to plan for a Pick-Your-own operation for next year. They have 12-foot chain link fences around their production areas to keep the moose out. I lent them my copy of "$100,000 on 25 Acres" as I don't think it is still in print. Mr Whatley's plan would fit them perfectly as they are very picky about who visits their farm.

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