Do You Ever Get This Urge???

bulldinkie(pa)November 23, 2010

Every year when we are settling in for winter I always say "Wished We Were Going Into Spring"Every year..I hate winter ,then I got some seed books already,I got ideas of things I want to do but,,,after the freeze.Hubby says spring is right around the corner.I guess look how fast the holidays are comming ..but then again after the holidays it takes forever for spring to arrive.Am I rambling??Happy Holidays Everyone.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Nope. I love winter. I like our fluffy snow, and I like the way the ground freezes so there is no mud and no dirt tracked into the house for me to clean up.

I enjoy the heat from the wood stove, and it's nice to be able to bake without over-heating the house.

I love to watch the dogs playing in the snow, and then they are still clean when they are ready to come inside the house (except for some small snowballs stuck to their feathers).

I enjoy the way so many people go so overboard with the holiday lights. (I wonder if they still will, in this economy, or if the power bill has to be trimmed?)

While I love taking care of all the plants, it's nice to take a break for a few months.

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goodhors(z5 MI)

I also enjoy doing some indoor things during winter. I don't feel like I should be doing work outside while the weather is good! Seeing the naked bushes and garden areas lets me think of changes to do come spring. I like watching the bird feeders, lots of kinds of birds like sunflower seeds which is all I feed. The dogs love chasing squirrels in the snow, cold has everyone invigorated!!

Horses outside playing, ALSO not getting dirty in the snow, fun to watch as they race about, roll and shake a cloud of snow into the air. I LIKE winter, don't think I would want to live where there is no snow. Seasonal changes are part of country living, a lot closer to you, more important in your plans, than city folks weather. Even fighting with freezing hoses, water heaters in the tanks, is all part of winter living.

We usually don't have too long of stretches of each kind of weather, it changes often over winter. Maybe that makes it a bit easier to deal with, when going outside each day. Just never seems that long from New Years until nicer weather gets here. Can't appreciate the one unless you experience the others!!

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I use to live in PA. I would start lokking at seed catalogs in January and wait and wait and wait.......
But the hot weather has its own problems, droughts,bugs humidity. And forget growing stuff in this sand!
We have seasons here.
Flu season, hurricane season, Dry(fire) season and the most
dreaded is TOURIST season(otherwise known as snowbird season!)
But I love it . Tanya

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-17 degrees F. this morning and the sky is clear and blue. The air feels like it has been sterilized and cleaned. It is tough doing chores and hauling water from the garage, but things could be worse. I just picture the cold killing all the (or many of) the slugs and bugs that can plague us. We have 6 or 8 inches of snow, so the cold isn't yet penetrating too deep, but the lakes are mostly frozen over and they will be plowing roads on the lakes soon. Wasilla Lake (named after the same Native Chief as the town) is blown completely clear and is a sheet of glare ice all the way across--no plowing needed there--but most of the lakes haven't had the heavy winds. Our lone pig isn't wanting to drink in the cold, but he is still eating. Maybe things will warm up a little before Christmas.

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I would echo most of what oregonsmoke said ... I like winter, look forward to winter projects, not working in the gardens, quilting, reading in front of the fire ... plain old chilling out! No mud, YEAH!

It's my time to re-organize and re-generate before spring comes and all that needs to start getting done, all over again.

It's in the mid 20's right now, which feels downright balmy after the very cold days we just had ... good snow cover on the ground and gardens ... pond is freezing. My sister asked if she can ice skate when she comes for Xmas weekend, I told her to bring her skates, if it stays this cold she probably can.

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