Chicken Perch?

bunkyboodleNovember 19, 2007

Hi There!

I have never done this before so hang in there with me. I was wondering if anyone out there knows how wide a chickens perch should be? I am seriously hopeing "perch" is the correct word when talking about chickens as I know it is when talking about bird birds. Ours just doesnt seem wide enough. I want my girls to be comfortable up there. I still dont understand how they can sleep up there and not fall off? I would have hit the dirt ages ago! Ah, if I was a chicken that is. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time, Yvonne

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Roost. :)

I use 2 x 2 squared off lengths of wood in mine. You can buy it at the hardware store (NOT in the dowel section, in the regular lumber section). Before you install it, sand off the edges a bit to give it a very slightly rounded off edge, it makes it comfy for chicken feet. All of my birds roost on it, from standard size to tiny banties. Birds can successfuly perch while they sleep because the natural position of the relaxed bird foot is curled to grip the roost.

Velvet ~:>

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hengal(z5 / IN)

Thats what we use also, except I think ours are 1 x 2's. In any case, Velvet is right. The rounded off edges are best for the chicken's grasp.:) Have fun!

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)

In one part of my coop I have a 2x4 perch with the wider side flat to the foot. On the other part I have kind of a ladder made with 2" pvc that I painted with some old paint (pink, it so happens!) that I mixed that sandy traction stuff into. I was a little worried that the paint might chip and they'd eat it, but it's been two years and it's fine. Certain hens seem to prefer the round perches, and others the squared off ones.


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I had about 20 feet of that cheap handrail that is used by less than custom builders. You know, the stuff that is about 2 inchen in diameter, almost fully rounded but has a flat section on the bottom for attaching the hadrail to the mounts that then attach to the walls. It is the perfect size and is relatively cheap. . .just cut it to length and screw it to the wall.

It works great for all sizes and shapes of chickens.

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I have to tell you this. I have a cockateil that falls off his/her perch. She will fall asleep and all of a sudden fall off the perch, she doesnt do this all the time. I have changed her perches, put a sleep pouches in her cage, put nesting boxes in with shredded paper. I could go on and on. She is a rescue and they didn't notice if she fell during the night. Yes it is only when she falls asleep. I communicated with "bird people" but they never heard of this. Otherwise she/he is healthy and happy.

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A flat surface is the best, 3-4 inches in width, some go even wider but then they will need cleaned more often. They don't grip the roost as some other birds do and in the colder climes they need to ba able to cover their toes as they roost or they could be damaged by the cold, that is difficult on a round roost.

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