Taking a new banty roo for BR hens

laturcotte1November 2, 2009

I have 2 barred rock hens about 6 months old never been with a rooster. Someone wants to give me a Banty rooster (his 5 hens were killed).

Questions: do I have to introduce them in any way or will he hold his own? Are they bigger than he is and will they beat him up? I understand he is healthy. My two have been introduced to a rooster (Fletcher) before and were fine it was the rooster that was too rough with them. One of the hens is dominate the other a little shy.

I have enough ill/disabled animals that i just don't have the time or energy if they didn't get along.

The hens live in a 10x10x20 coop with 2 entry doors 4 windows 4 nesting boxes. The yard area is an L shape so the back is 10x10 and side is 10x10. I think this is large enough they can stay out of each others way if necessary. Any advice would be great. Right now it's only the two hens, the crippled rooster has his own coop, am I asking for trouble?

Lee Ann

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After quarantine I would pen the new rooster inside a dog crate or similar pen & place it inside the coop. Let them get used to each other through the wire for several days.

Just my thoughts.

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