Does goat taste like lamb?

keepitlow(6)November 16, 2009

If not, what does it taste like?

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The goats we raised for meat did not taste like lamb, more like beef. We raised Boer goats for meat and really enjoyed the meat. We had a lot of it in ground meat and chops. We cooked the legs like a leg of lamb. Nice, lean meat. I have never acquired a taste for lamb, always seemed perfumey to me. We fed our meat goats grass hay and a meat builder type of grain. As with any meat animal, they are what they eat, so what you feed them always has an influence on the taste of the meat.

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I just have to say this. It tastes like chicken!! Not really. LOL

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I agree with Oberhasli1. It taste like a mild beef. Much lighter color than beef. More like pork in color. I found the meat to have a stringier grain than beef. Great in stew and bbq. Just about any way you fix beef or pork.

Oberhasli - you said you raise boers. Any obies. I've got a herd of unreg. obies I'm rebuilding. (Had 120 head last year but getting down to just a few. Busy with grandkids these days. I usually cross mine out a little to keep them hardier. I haven't found too many in my neck of the woods that raise obies. So my choice of breeding stock is limited.

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Mike, yes I raise Oerhasli's. We sold our breeding stock of Boers when my son went off to college. We have had Obers for 12 years. I don't know where you live but we are in Black Forest, Colorado. I have quite a few friends that raise Oberhasli's as well here and one of them is having a herd reduction sale right now so if you would like to email me privately ( we can talk.


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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Chevon is much leaner than mutton, and all goats can be a little gamey (especially if a functional billy is around). Cabrito/Kid is similar to lamb, but with a texture more like that of lean beef or bison. It becomes difficult describe the taste at this point, much like comparing pears to apples. Goat meat can actually be rather sweet at times, not as sweet as muskox (which, barring you moving far north you probably cannot find) but noticeable.

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I've heard the same thing about the functional billy influencing taste of goat. I don't think it tastes anything like lamb, either.

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