dark eggs.com- any good?

nelda1234November 11, 2008

I am just exploring other possibilities regarding ordering baby chicks. I usually order from Mcmurray - I have nothing against them - have only had one problem with them and they corrected the situation.

just looking at other hatcheries for better quality and more variety. I looked at dark eggs.com and they seem to have a good variety.

anybody have any other suggestions besides these two and Ideal.com?

thanks alot everybody!


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I have bought chicks from Townline in Zealand, MI. and they were not good quality show birds (they were not sold by them as 'Show' Quality)but were very good layers with production/feed ratios that were very good. Out of 104 chicks (pullets) received all 104 survived to adulthood and only 1 Roosters out of the batch. They started laying at between 16-18 weeks of age. They were a blend of heavy dual purpose meat/layers. They do allow you to go and pick them up.

Years back I ordered Silkies and Japs from Strombergs and they were to be 'show quality' birds. The Silkies were not even poor quality pet birds-many were crippled and the feathering look like they were crossbreeds-They were Silkies without the Silky feathers. The Japs were beautifully colored and had very good body shape but all were so long legged they looked like Jungle Fowl-for that reason were not the show 'Quality' promised. They treated me indifferently when these problems were brought to their attention. I could not give these poor quality 'Show' birds to the 4-H kids so ended up taking the whole lot to the auction.

I now try to buy all my new bloodlines from individual breeders who have a long history of QUALITY show birds.

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I use Mt healthy hatcheries in Cincinnati. good selection plus they are close enough to my farm that I can drive down and pick up the chicks so they don't have to go through 2 to 3 days in the US postal system.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mt Healthy hatcheries

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