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thorins92November 23, 2009


I am searching for seeds of Amaranthus palmeri, commonly known as pigweed to farmers in the southeast and abroad. It is native to the mountain regions of Mexico and I am using it to study dioecious (sex/gender) determination in plants. Any advice on where to obtain these seeds would be greatly appreciated.

There has to be SOMEONE on this forum that has/has-had a problem with pigweed, and should I obtain some seed I will use it to study pigweed's glyphosate resistance, and thus the reason it is such a noxious weed.


Thorin K. Siglin

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Try Baker Creek seeds

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My vegetable fields in August LOL

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I'm with Josh but mine's in the 1 acre chicken lot. I have the true pigweed and the one I really hate the one that has thorns all the way down to the roots. Makes it a bear to pull. Both are way to prolific in seeds for my liking.

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Sorry for the misinformation.It is I think but it is Baker Creek Seed in Missouri.Posy_Pet

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Um... Should you be using just any old WT pigweed? It seems like you should try and find an academic source for the seeds, assuming it isn't a study on the WT pigweed itself, rather than some characteristic of pigweed. I really have a hard time believing that no ag department or botany department of a university has a sample or that no governmental or quasi-governmental seed banks have it. Using common sources is important for others trying to recreate your results, assuming you are going to try and peer review/publish, if you are in a poster session or something like that then it probably doesn't matter. Good luck!

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I looked on GRIN and found16 accessions. This one (Dioecious plants, erect, 50 to 100 cm tall. Female plants have more or less spiny floral bracts. Stems can be red.)Amaranthus palmeri PI 612856 would be my first choice and my second choice would be PI 633593 ..

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ladnarsr(sw IA)

From what I raed above, you are not looking for pigweed. Pigweed has not developed resistence to glyphosphate (ROUNDUP). It is a similiar plant but different species called tall WATERHEMP!!!!! The original cause for glyphosate resistence in this plant was miss identification of plant and lower then recommended using of GLYPHOSPHATE on such weed. We had people here using down to 16oz per acre when 32-48oz was the recommendation to control weed species. Other products should be used so a plant species doesnt become resistant to one product. For instance could use IGNITE on Liberty Link corn or the new LL soybeans, insteaad of an all Rounup Ready program. Some cocrn hybrids on the GMO side are stacked 3-4 times with LL/RR/CB/RW, so IGNITE, AND GLYPHOSATE could be used on the same corn plant. Hopes that helps.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

How did roundup come into this?

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ladnarsr(sw IA)

Glyphosate is the active ingrediant in Roundup

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I know that, what I hadn't done was read the second paragraph in the original post, where the OP says he will be studying a second, seemingly unrelated, issue. Also Pigweed, being a common name for most of the amaranth family, is probably applicable, as a common name. The specific plant at issue is Amaranthus palmeri more commonly knows and Palmer's Pigweed

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I'm in Southern Colorado, and have some dried red-root pigweed plants in my backyard. I always let some go to seed so I can gather it in the dry part of summer for a spinach substitute. Send me an email if you're interested, and I can put some in a SAE.

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According to Monsanto, pigweed has developed a resistance to roundup. google "roundup resistant pigweed" and you will see numerous articles and websites.

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