Must get rid of squirrels, ASAP!!!

dannic_az(z8)November 4, 2006

I just found out that there are squirrels burrowing under my house. Apparently, they found a way to get directly under my master shower, because the first indication I had that they were there was their scratching under it! I am afraid that if I poison them, they'll die under there and stink! Anyone have a sure-fire way of getting rid of them quickly? Thanks so much for your ideas. Dannic

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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

If you know how theyare gettng in, install a one-way flap so they can get out but not return. After a few days, when you are sure they are out, plug the hole with coarse steel wool and then nail a piece of sheet metal over it. And be vigilant in case they try again somewhere else.

Are you sure it is squirrels? Cause it sounds more like RATS to me!

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chick_mom(south middle TX)

Do you hear them at night or in the day time? squirrels are active in the daytime while rats prefer darkness.
I used a havaheart trap and peanut butter to relocate 5 squirrels that were coming in the wall by my back porch in Jersey. Had to take them for a ride to a local park 5 miles away but it worked. I then blocked the hole with hardware mesh and and a little cement.. Kit

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I would definitely do what Maggie and Chick_mom said. Try catching them, and relocating them, or try the one way flap thing. Don't poison them! But, it sounds like rats to me, too!

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I've seen the squirrels, and they only make noise in the daytime. My husband recently moved a woodpile that they were living under and I am guessing that's when they relocated. I have no qualms about killing the little things if I have to to keep them out of my house--I have seen what they can do. My grandmother's house stood vacant and they entered thru the attic and wreaked havoc throughout the house, esp the walls. My home is only a few years old, so it never occurred to me that they would move in.=(. Thanks, will try your methods and let you know! Dannic

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

I would also try scattering some ground cayenne pepper, or hot pepper sauce around, inside the hole, if possible, to hurry them on their way out. Putting the ground cayenne in my bird seed has stopped them from eating into my bird feeders for the past 3 years, so I know they won't eat it - maybe they won't like the smell also. Although maybe it won't work, as I'm assuming these are ground squirrels, and it was the common red and grey tree squirrels that were bothering the feeders.

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Roberta_z5(Z4/5 IL)

We had the same problem at our former home last year (while we were trying to sell it!!!!) Squirrels kept eating through our cedar siding and getting into the attic. We tried ammonia soaked rags, steel wool, and when we would cover a hole, they just ate through at another place.

The only thing that worked was a Have-a-Heart trap baited with black walnut meats. We caught four of them in four days! Each day we would make another 10 mile trip across a busy expressway to a forest preserve.

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need something to put in holes in walls besides traps,mole balls

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