Polycythemia in goats??!!

laturcotte1November 3, 2009

My goat has just been diagnosed with polycythemia. Of course my vet, who by the way is wonderful, can't find anything on this in goats. protein +, creatinine -, glucose 39 (50-75 norm), RBC way +.

He will get fluids tomorrow a.m. then blood drawn p.m.

I guess I'm not sure when enough is enough. If the RBC doesn't come down and we can't get the glucose up that's bad news. The thing is he doesn't have a single pulmonary issue.

We have a dog that's very sick, our blind pony was just diagnosed with a tumor (poss brain/eye). Don't think I can afford this!!! How can I justify putting him down if he isn't "sick". We are worried that the low glucose will cause him to have a seizure!!

Any advice??

Lee Ann

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Never heard of it.

Here's a link from Merck's you may or may not be familiar with.
Perhaps it may help. Good Luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Polycythemia

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I'm sorry to hear about your goat. Know nothing about them though. Hope he gets better.

I can relate to vet bills. My show mare is a miracle horse. She nearly severed her hoof off at the end of May. By the grace of God and good vets, I am now riding her again. After the accident, we just prayed that she would live.

So with that said, after her 2 surgery's plus multiple days at clinic and other visits. Her bill was 4 figures.

Since May with that happening to Jolie, she also had to have 5 stitches above her eye where she cut herself. $175 for 5 stitches.

The list goes on and on. Country my dog, urinary tract infection. Sonny colic. Elfie (cat) - urinary tract. Shy (dog) - Whiney beat him up and he couldn't move his neck. Remadryl.

So after all this, what I'm getting at is I feel your pain or should I say your financial crunch. But, all in all, I would rather be broke than see any of my fur children suffer.


Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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