Muscovy Ducks

skagit_goat_man_(WA)November 23, 2009

Does anyone have Muscovies? What do you think of them? Do they really produce lots of ducklings. I'd like to keep a breeding group to raise meat birds but usually if something sounds too good to be true it is. Tom

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We have about 10 of them. I say about because if they leave the guarded pasture sometimes they become coyote dinner!

Yes they lay quite a few eggs. They appear to have good nesting skills, though our lgd's help themselves to the eggs so have not had any hatch yet.

We like them because they are fairly large, quiet, and have somewhat of a personality, plus they are a bit meatier than many other breeds.

I think your area plays a role in how many clutches a year. Here there is only time for 2, but in better climates I hear they can have up to 3 a year.


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I think they look like half goose half duck, homely things, just my opinion. My neighbors raise a few and swear by em

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Had them in FL. Again I agree with Josh. Not what you'd call cute. Ugly duckings for sure. Laid a lot of eggs for us in FL though. Eggs were richer in batters and other recipes. Yellow cake was really yellow. Meat is way to greasy for my liking. But that's just personal taste. Pekins may be a better choice for you. They're really meat and large. Been a while but I think they can be sexed easily - one has a curl in the tail feather the other doesn't. But not 100% sure which. Male is curled I think but I wouldn't bet the farm on that statement.

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I'm looking into raising the ducklings for meat and not have to purchase cornish cross chicks every year. I have a fenced acre of woods that the goats rotate through in summer and I'd set up their nesting boxes in there. It will be worth a try but Muscovy chicks are hard to find. I haven't found a hatchery that sells them. About them being ugly, when you are out shopping this time of year take a good look at some people's kids. Tom

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ha ha so true, a face only a mother culd love. Murray McMurray hatchery sells muscoveys

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Country Hatchery has them, too. I think they are in IA.

Last year I had to cancel my order with them though because they went on backorder-I sought them locally instead. Order early & you shouldn't have a problem.

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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)


I purchased my Muscovies from a homested in Auburn, WA. This is Merrilee's E-mail Address

Hen on the left corner of my shop roof.

Drake stretching

My three Muscovies are about twelve weeks old and starting to fly. The females fly every morning when I let them out. The Drake has spirit but ends in a crash and burn. I've read they will fly around but not away. With the big guy grounded, I'm think that will keep the females around. Hopefully.

In about six months I should have the first clutch. I could look into sending ducklings on the Washington Ferry. You'd have to meet the boat in Anacortes. After 911 I'm not sure they allow unattended parcels.

Who you calling UGLY!!


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Beautiful birds!! I think a lot of us have the image of the white Muscovies with very warted beaks, or at least that is what I think of. Not very attractive. Your birds are very handsome though. Lori

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