bantams can't fly

button20(zone 7b)November 13, 2010

hello my name is Austin. What bantams; other than silkies, can not fly. I have a 6 ft high fence, but not sure what types of bantams that can fly over it.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Cochins are pretty much non-flyers. Stick with the fluffy, fat and round birds. :)

Sleeker banties like OEG are more likely to jump up on things, fly, try to roost higher up and be more brave/curious. Keeping wings clipped can also help, especially with youngsters that are all wing power/no brains/no weight. I've found they are more likely to go exploring than the adults, who have had time to gain weight and more sense. :)

Making your yard the hip place for chickens to be, with the most desirable food, water and places to forage in will all help to keep your birds in your yard. You need to have a strong fence to keep predators and dogs OUT as well as your birds in, don't forget.

Velvet ~:>

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button20(zone 7b)

Thank you so much Velvet this helped me a lot!

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Use a shoulder strap on one wing to prevent them from flying. They are easy to make. Calves leather is best. Cut a strip about 2"wide and 6"to 8" long. Put 2 snap on each end (male snap on one end and female on the other end) about a 1/2" in from the edges. About 1/2" from one end cut a slot of 3" in length (or so depending on size of bird) down the center of one end. Slip the wing into the slit untill the whole wing is through the slit (fitting loosely around the shoulder of the wing. The uncut end of the strap will hang down under the wing. Lift the lower end of strap outward and up over the folded wing and snap together.

The length of the cut and strap is very important in preventing flight. It must be long enough to be comfortable but not long enough to allow it to slide off.

Heard some use velcro instead of snaps to make them adjustable.

When properly made and used this provents the bird from being able to extend the wing into flight position.

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