WANTED: Orange Clover Seeds

MoonFire(8b)June 25, 2012

Does anyone have any wild orange clover to trade for a SASBE or postage...I do have seeds I can trade but my list changes so often I don't have it posted, so if you have some of this clover you'd like to trade for something other than postage I'll check to see if I have what you'd like...thanks bunches :)

the clover I'd like to have would look like the pic of the orange clover on this page :


also i don't mind paying a little for this if anyone knows of a nursery or garden center that i can order it from...i haven't been able to find it anywhere near here except for on protected state or national forest lands here and i haven't been able to see it when it's seeding...

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That looks like Polygala lutea, Orange Milkwort, but the photo is not very clear.
If that is what it is, I don't have it, but it might help someone else that does have it if you identify it.
Good luck, Alana

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Thanks so much Alana!!! No wonder I had a hard time finding it when I looked it up...of course noone has orange clover because it's not really orange clover lol...it is Orange Milkwort...here is a website with better pics on what it looks like...and i'd still love to have some if anyone has any or has any idea where to find it...


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Hope you find them :)

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