wild birds eating my goose food

jscottgooseNovember 18, 2011

The wild birds in my area are eating so much of the feed I leave out for my geese that it is coming down to either changing my system or having to get rid of the geese, which I don't want to do cause they're my pets. I have been leaving pans full of food out all the time. So my question is.....will the geese remain healthy and get enough feed if I just give them an opportunity to feed just in the morning and evening? Do they really need that feed out 24 hours a day? I'm thinking if I swith to selected feeding times that it will cut down on my feed loss, but I want to keep my geese well fed. Any ideas?

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I responded to your post this morning, I guess it got lost in cyberspace.

Anyways we have the same problem with our livestock dogs food. Our solution was to place their pail inside an upright 55 gallon pail, that has a hole in it for the dogs to stick their heads in. Over the hole, we have some of those clear curtain flaps. The dogs stick their head in but the birds can't or won't move it to enter.

Maybe something like that would work for the geese-you'd have to show them how to get to it though.

Feeding 1 time a day won't hurt them. The only problem with that rather than food 24/7 is that should you be running late or not able to feed them they won't get fed.


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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

You could possibly make a goose size treadle feeder. I don't think they are available to buy that large, but they aren't that complicated to make.

I simply feed my geese and ducks twice a day. I weigh their feed and I know they are getting enough, but feed isn't sitting out all day for the hundred or so sparrows that are hanging around freeloading.

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We use to have that problem ,so hubby waits till just before dark,the ducks would leave for the night then hed feed the swans.We also took the automatic feeder away they would clean us out,

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