Do goats bark?

Josette(6)November 8, 2006

This is for those that have goats or have a lot more experience than I do with goats. My large billy goat barks like a dog. The first time I heard him do it I didnt know what to think. I have never heard of a goat barking. He bleets like a normal goat and now he barks. I was just curious if this was normal or do I have the "first" barking goat :)...............

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They sometimes make a loud nasal snort, can be pretty hefty sometimes. They also make a quite loud grunting sound from the throat, rather like a buck deer, could be heard as a bark I suppose?

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I can't say I've ever heard a goat bark. I've been around tons of goats, and I have one. I've never heard one sound like s/he can bark. Maybe you do have the first barking goat! I don't know. But, they do have tons of different sounds that they make, and I'm sure it might could sound like a bark sometimes :)


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I've heard a coughing sound that is real similar to deer sounds. It's a warning of serious danger.
I don't keep billies, too stinky but my does don't make anything like a bark other than that warning noise. The cough means a large predator coming in fast. You don't hear it for hawks or weasels. Just things big enough to take down a goat. The horses and poultry will all respond to it. Puts me on the defensive too. Found they are right lot more than wrong.

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my billy goat used to make a loud sound that sounded like a bark, and like someone saying "what" in a loud slurred voice really quickly together.
from a distance I used to think the neighbor's dogs were up with the goats, then I was out there one day and saw my billy goat doing this. It was usually when he was "turned on" by a doe.

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Shellybabe explained that the best. I have friends who say their billies bark. Mine actually taught my wethers how to wine and growl. Its weird how some will be totally silent for years bring in a new goat that has voice and all of a sudden they are making duplicate noises.

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My billies make the noise like shellybabe described above. I though it was a person screaming when I first heard it. But it does also sound like a bark.

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Roberta_z5(Z4/5 IL)

Only if the doorbell rings.

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sandyl(Zone 6B -7)

I just have does and wethers and when they make that loud nasal snort you can bet they are alarmed by something. It only takes one to do the nasal snort and all heads go up. They are so funny in that way.

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I have never heard the nasal snort thing, once while I was in the barn, in the milking stall, a coyote came by the barn door and the goats all just bolted towards me and I let them all in the stall where the coyote could not get them, that was scary but no snorts.

I guess some goats have different ways. Or maybe mine were just too startled to have time to snort.

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akaruger, do the letters in your screen name represent anything special??

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