Roundbale storage in wet climate

dirtslinger2(6)November 2, 2009

I've got about 40 roundbales tarped still at the sellers farm. I've got to get them home here,but not sure what to do once here...

I have no barn and the ground is wet.

Any onvious ways to get them off the ground a couple inches? I just can't find enough pallets!

I figure I can tarp them here no problem.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Pallets would be your best bet, but if you can't get enough:

4x4's layed parellel on the ground
Concrete blocks layed parallel.
Place them on a gravel area so the rain sheds off the bale

Tarp the bottom tieing the bottom tarp upwards, then tarp the top so the top tarp hangs over the bottom tarp edge which will shed the water away from the bale (not the best idea because moisture may build up inside the tarps over time)

Maybe an ad on craigslist or contact some local companies to see if they have any?

Hope that helps. Wish I had 40 roundbales of hay!

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Best not to tarp the bottom. I used telephone poles laid out so the tractor could straddle them and set the bales on them, easy to set and pickup. Some balers wrap the outside tighter than others, these have little wastage. Sleeves can work well too. Tarps over the tops will work al;so, just leave the sides open, tie old tires to tarp to hold it down. Some guys use a gravel ridge to set bales on but enuff gravel can be costly.

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Thanks both of you for the ideas- I'll try to find something to get them up on.
One CHEAP but not perfect idea is woodchips. I don't have lumber, nor want to spend a few hundred bucks on good lumber to lay in the mud, but will dig around.

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Whatever you can find to keep them out of mud as best as possible (old tires, sawmill slabs, even the woodchips is better than mud because they'll soak up clean water). If you suspect any moisture or if they get wet before you tarp them, Don't but them together and don't let the tarp lay directly on them. I hear about sleeves that I may try and get next year, but wouldn't use them if the rolls had got wet before I get a chance to use them. Good luck,


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ladnarsr(sw IA)

Are the bales TIGHT??? How big are they? 900lbs, 1200lbs. 1800lbs??? The they twin tied? Or net wrapped? Are you feedin the hay to horses?Sheep?Young cattle? Older cows? Dairy cattle? If they are net wrapped and tight you shouldnt need any cover over them. If some what loosse better cover and get off the ground. The light pole idea would work best. We have doner the pallet and tire thing before and its not fun as I ran over both and they moved. Plus if the bales are still very round they seem to roll off the palletts and tires.

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