Manure guesstimate?

Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)November 15, 2009

My friend who is a cattle farmer delivered me some nice dry loose manure, when emptying I said, looks like around 3 or 4 ton's, he replied no, at least 8 to 9 tons, I see it by how low the springs go on the truck. I said guess it's heavier then it looks.

Last year he delivered about the same amount with the exchange of honey and machine shop work of around 250 dollar.

He found that this was fair, I don't want to be cheap but then when he say's 8 to 9 ton's he might be short?

Is $250.00 fair, delivered about 20 min. away?

I still find it hard to believe that this is 8 or 9 tons, if it would be soil yes but not manure.

This picture shows the amount with 10 wheelbarrows gone


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I've shoveled a lot of the stuff in my years. I think I'd be looking for a new farmer at that price. When we lived in FL we'd go to a local dairy with our own dump truck and they'd load us up with their bucket for free. I also use to get a 10 ton dump truck load of chicken manure for about $60 years ago before we produced so much manure with our own livestock. Of course there was a demand for it. The chicken farmers neve had trouble getting rid of it. But it goes a lot further than cow manure because it's hotter. If it was really wet stuff it may have been that much. What size truck did he deliver in? He may be figuring by volume. Is it delivered in a large dump truck? But even if the weight is right it still seems high to me. Of course with 3 barns to clean out I move it to my fields and garden by the spreader full. Have you compared it to the price of bagged cow manure? If you didn't buy it what else would he be doing with it. If he just needs to dispose of it cost of fuel and time to load would seem more fair to me. Maybe you can shovel from his barn for him for free?:-)

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A bit pricey! $250 would buy 30 (3.8cuft) bags of Canadian peat moss and 4 (50#) bags of organic fish meal. This would build up your soil faster and load it with slow release organic nitrogen and phosphorous.

With next years $250 (now), I would buy a deacon calf and produce my own cow poo. If zoning prevents the keeping of a cow get rabbits and chickens. Like the above post said you get more bang for your buck with chicken poo. Put it on heavy in the fall and till it in nest spring.

Put an ad in a local rag or craigslist for manure. Many times you can get it for free if you load and haul it yourself.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Thank you all!
>>What size truck did he deliver in?It was a old grain truck...could be 10 ton?...but wasn't full.
He is using manure for he's fields.
I don't have the equipment to get it myself and you're right mike, it's more the
time and howling with this old truck who drinks gasoline like a cow as he mentioned.
Yesterday in about 2 1/2 hours I wheelbarrowed 50 loads to the garden and looks like
half done, I will weigh a wheelbarrow full of manure and then count how many dumps,
this should give me a close estimate.


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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Its looks as if load came to your place on spreader truck and dump by turn off spinders and just run chain in bottom of bed until conveyed out back pulling up when pile raise to high. His weight judgement about right I've haul a lot loads of chicken mature and unload this way pile as close as I can judge weight there. Now price cow lower in value than chicken litter. He did not rip off but he got good price cow mature. It go a long ways if mix into soil. Here my choices in litter chicken horse and cow in that order. Chicken litter from broilers has highest nitrogen.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Thanks gator!
No, it wasn't a spreader truck, a grain truck as stated above, and yes, truck was moving ahead as he dumped it,
very loose stuff, here it has been dry for a very long time.
He loaded it with a Versitile loader, something like this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Loader

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Too bad you're so far away. You could have all you want from the horse stalls behind our barn!

Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Wow...Horse manure, this would be cats meow,...nice blog.


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There are some people at the Soil, Compost and Mulch forum who might be able to tell you.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

here is an ad from Craigs list that I copied and pasted 4 you.
the picture showed great looking rich earthy stuff

--->>> Composted Horse Manure - Rich and Beautiful LOOK!

We have more composted horse manure ready. It is black, beautiful, and ready for your lawn or garden. The price is $10 per loader bucket (1/2 cubic yard).

Call Scott at (321)693-8337 to schedule a pick-up time.

We are conveniently located near I-95 and Highway 192, Melbourne.

I start with manure and bedding (straw/hay/wood shavings) from our horse barn, and regularly turn & water it until completely composted.

This batch is the best one yet - it smells like rich soil and is ready to plant in immediately.

To check it for readiness we started several vegetable seeds in the compost - you can see the results in the photos below:
- It is completely composted - the veggies came right up with no signs of burning
- There are no weeds or grass sprouting...proper composting kills weed seeds with heat during the composting process

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Thank you all!

I finished wheelbarrowing to the garden and counted 95.
I haven't weighed a full wheelbarrow but guesstimeted around 80 lb, so lets say a 100 x 80 lb would be 8000 lb = 4 US ton or around 3 1/2 metric tonne.


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Now figure how many pounds you lost wheeling it by hand to the garden. LOL I think I'll keep using the bucket and manure spreader. Hope you reap a bountiful harvest in the summer.

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I would not estimate the value of the manure by weight, but more by nutrient content .

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My wheelbarrows full of poop weigh more than ninety pounds. But they aren't nice and dry and fluffy. I can barely push them but can lift eighty pounds easily. The next time you contract for poop, if you're basing it on weight, have him run it across a truck scale. My feed mill has one of those, as do most businesses, because I used to have to weigh my commercial panel truck at each license renewal.

Have you ever considered calling a stable? Our county fairgrounds have a racing stable and they will gladly give you all the poop you want to haul. Free. But then again, you'd have to shovel it in your truck. Our trucks have seen their share of poopy beds, but maybe you don't want to go there.

But poop here would be more commonly sold just by the truckload and nobody would care if it were weighed or not, unless it were just out of curiosity.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Thank you all!
Mike, yes, hope you're right...that's why I like doing some physical work, then you can show something
at the end of the day, leaving the gym after a workout you can't show anything LOL

Innisfail, can you buy manure from your local farmer by amount of nutrient?

Calliope, yes, manure can weight allot more when wet, when loading first into wheel barrow, I used shovel only,
many day's after we had some snow and manure was allot heavier that I had to use fork to load.

I'm pretty sure I could get some free manure, loading is the biggest problem, heaving this much delivered to your place in one shot is worth allot to me.


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As a farmer, I do get the manure sampled, just for the simple reason not to over supply on any nutrient, or be short on something . Also I take soil samples, just to balance things out . Saves in the long run on fertilizer ( especially the last year and a half )

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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)


I know I'm a little late on this posting, but when guys are talking --it Im in.

I picked up this load of horse manure last February. Bought it from a Bed and Breakfast that has horse riding and stables horses. They claim it has no hormones or medications. Paid $20.00. Not sure what it's weight was but volume in the 4 to 5 cu.yds. You'll have to convert!

Looking at this photo you might be able to count wheelbarrow loads. I used a True Temper 6 cu ft barrow.

Couple of thoughts. First, I'd rather buy it by the cubic yard then weight. Then it doesn't matter how wet it is.

Take your 95 wheelbarrow loads X it by the capacity. You will have the cubic feet. 27 cubic foot = cubic yard. Then you know how much you paid per yard. Could you have bought bagged manure at the hardware cheeper???

Raise your labor rates, work shorter period of time, for the $250.00.

Talk to you later. This topic stinks


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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)


Any follow up. What's your thoughts on the price now?


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Innisfail...makes sense!
Hello Eric,
Just got to your post now.
Your garden looks good! I got over with and content for the
manure & not converting anymore, because I can harvest already LOL>....thank for the post!

It's paying off already!...spinach & asparagus!


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I can't belive that anyone has to pay for animal waste. They have to get rid of it sooner or later. Last fall I went down the road to a horse stable and we hauled 13 loads with a 5 ton truck over to my field for future use (FREE) just for the taking. They have no problem of getting rid of their piles. This is good stuff since it is also mixed with shavings to make lighter. I put it in all my beds (garden, berry's, flowers, orchard) and it has made a big difference. I was raised on a dairy farm and my Dad was so happy when someone would haul it away, because if the piles are still sitting, he would have to haul it to the fields and plow under. I would definately be looking for a new place to get your manure.


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