Planting after using weed killer

MetalMan2004June 27, 2011

I am a first time home owner. There is a stump on the side of our house. It's roots kept sending up new shoots of growth, so I killed them. This is the stuff I used:

I used this because the Home Depot guy said that you could grow things over the poisoned area faster than the other brands. When the drought here lifts I plan on burning out the stump and roots.

My question is when would it be safe to grow edibles in the area? What steps should I take to make sure things are safe? Thanks!

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Triclopyr is what you put on your stump. It's moderately persistent in soil, but it's broken down after a few weeks to a couple months.

It is systemic, which means it will be in the plant, itself on uptake.

I'd wait at least 1-2 months after last application to an area to reclaim it for food plant uses, myself.

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Just for reference, I emailed the company. They say you can plant 6-8 weeks later. Wait a year before planting edibles.

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