Duck Mating and Egg Laying questions

deborahb888December 8, 2008

I have 2 male ducks, one a mallard and the other 1/2 black and 1/2 mallard. I have 1 female that is also 1/2 mallard and 1/2 black duck. Today 12/7/08 I saw the black male mating with the female and that has trigger several questions. How long after mating will eggs appear? At night they are kept in a 8'x8' pen, should I be concerned for the female's safety during the night?

During the day they roam my yard. Lately I have noticed they are roaming in places they don't usually go, like my front yard. The other day I found the female in my azalea bushes while the males waited on the outside. I kind of figured that something was going on. It has been below freezing the past few weeks at night. This is unusual for our area and I am concerned that the female will lay eggs in the yard somewhere. That would not be safe for her or the eggs because of the cold and because we also have a fox in the neighborhood. What are the signs that I should look for to know if the female is laying eggs in the area and what should I do if she does? Is it too early for them to be laying eggs in the winter? Everything I have read says they lay eggs in the spring? I have put a red heat lamp in their pen at night to keep them warm when it goes below freezing. Is it possible that the heat lamp is starting things a little early? I'm not sure what to do here. I have never owned ducks before. We got the mallard in April, and the other 2 in June. I know this is a lot of questions but I have looked for some answers on other places but I have not fount what I am looking for.

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Mating doesn't cause ducks to lay eggs. Mating is simply mating. Ducks lay eggs when the egg laying saeson starts. Generally in the spring. Ducks don't need heat lamps. Ducks have a nice thick layer of fat under their skin and a heavy feather coat. Ducks will swim around in the water in below freezing temperatures and their motion keeps spots of water open for them. Their feet don't have problems because they can reduce the blood flow to their feet to stop freezing.
They will lay eggs anywhere but the like to hide them. They also like to roll them in mud so they can't be seen vry well.
If you want them to lay eggs that you can find you need a nest box. A wooden box large enough that a couple of ducks can get in with the opening in the FRONT...not the top and something to cover up the front (not close the front) so nothing can see them while they are laying. Like lean a board across the front and leave enough space so they can walk behind the board. You have to keep them in the pen until 1 or 2 PM so they can lay their eggs. Then let them out.

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My 3 female Blue Swedes have all hatched a clutch of eggs this year. I am wondering if they will lay any more eggs this year. Or will I have to wait until the Spring foe eggs again?

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Well Im not sure about mating is just mating,I had a pr of white mute, swans every year they only mated like 1 week,she immediately got to making nest,laying on eggs for a month.
Last winter the male got killed.I said to my hubby I dread to think whats gonna happen.I pictured her sitting on nest and no male to protct her.Well it never happened,Evidently they have to mate first in order to lay eggs..

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I have a female duck who has not been with a male she is 10 months old. She just layed an egg ( she is a pet). She is indoors right now due to bad weather. How often do ducks lay eggs when they come to maturity? She is a brown duck with blue/purple in her wings. She is very healthy, I hatched her myself, her nest was attacted on my property and the mother never came back. She started to eat more and last ight started ripping her paper in her cage. I found the egg this morning and called my vet but they said egg laying depends on the breed. Can you tell me how often she will do this? I live in Texas and she is brown in color with some spoting on her chest feathers, like black and brown spots. Thank You Kimberly

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I have 2 ducks and one is a boy(Henry) and the other is a girl (May). Henry has a pompom on his head and May has a plain head. It turns out its the other way around! One day when I was cleaning their cage I saw that May had matted Henry!!!!! So I was wondering how do you tell if they are boys or girls? And also how long will it take for her to lay eggs?

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Male ducks will have a little curl on their tail, female won't. Also, usually the female has a loud quack and the male has a soft raspy quack. As far as laying the eggs....the female will lay eggs regardless of if she has mated or not. The eggs will not be fertile and therefore, won't hatch (but they are good to eat). If she has mated, the eggs will be fertile and she can hatch them if she decides to sit on them (for about 4 weeks). Or, you can put them in the incubator and hatch them that way! How many eggs she will lay is determined by the breed of duck. Some breeds lay lots of eggs, some not as many. If you collect her eggs when she lays them, she won't sit on them. If you want her to hatch them, then leave them in her nest and after she has layed several eggs, she will start sitting on them. Depending on her age and breed, she may sit on them or may not. Some breeds are not good Mothers (sitters) and most ducks won't sit on eggs until they are 2 years old or so. Hope this helps.

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Our female duck has laid eggs and two of them have hatched. The male pecked at the egg too hard and killed the baby duck. The female rolled the next ready to hatch egg out of her nest and we separated the male from the female, so the baby duck could hatch and it did. It is just doing fine. My question is: how long should we keep the male from the female... until the eggs that she has been laying on are hatched? And then once the baby ducks are out how long should the male be kept away from the female. We don't want the male duck to hurt or kill any of the baby ducks. We have the male in a large cage right by the female so he can see her. What do you suggest we should do with the male duck? Will he accept the babies? Should he? or will he be mean to them and try to hurt them? Because he may be jealous?
Need your help on this situation. We haven't raised baby ducks before.

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how do ducks mate and lay eggs

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I live next to a pond where there is alot of wildlife. We have a male duck (brown) and a female duck (white) who come to the yard for food. We have been feeding the ducks for years and they even eat out of our hands. Last week we noticed the female laid a few eggs under a bush by the front deck. We see other males mating with her and it is amazing how her beau will try to protect her if that's what he is doing. Each time she comes back to the nest and lays another egg. She has 7 now and 2 were pushed out of the nest. She now sits on them about 4 hours/day. Our question is what's next? Will the eggs hatch and she stay with her babies in the same spot? How long before the babies leave the nest? The male duck keeps a very good watch while she is on the nest so will he also protect the babies? Alot of ducks come to our yard to feed. Same time every day which is interesting. Some of the other babies were afraid of us at first but now run to us when we come outside. I am hoping our white duck trusts us enough to stick around and let us see her family..Hope you can help!

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We have 5 Pekins and 4 Swedish ducks, we have no clue on how thy mate nor when to take eggs from them if we want to sell them or give them to others o eat them, so when should they be refrigerated? Right away what if they were there for a few hours before noticing them?
Also do you have to seperate them so the male doesn't hurt them?
Need all the help and information you can give us the kids are worried about them.

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We have both chickens and ducks. The chickens generally cackle when they lay an egg and the others help. Our ducks just started laying and I was wondering if they make noice when they lay. Also do they lay at night.

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I have 2 ducks male and female about 7/8 mos old, for the last month my female has been laying eggs, she as 19 eggs now and as not started sitting on them. my question is should I leave them in the nesting box and wait . or remove them because of the cold weather.because they might be bad by now.

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I have 9 6-month ducks, 2 drakes and 7 females. I raised and feed them well with commercial feeds inside a pen before I allowed them to roam around the ricefield when they were 4 months old. It is already a week since they lay their first egg. What could be the reasons why they lay smaller eggs than the ducks of the same breed from our neighbors? is it because they are just beginners? or what?

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Okay clearly the Person who first commented Doesn't know what they're talking about when ducks mate it's to lay eggs just like when horses Mate they make a baby so yes after they mete they will be looking for a spot to lay eggs I've lived on a farm my entire life raised ducks and all sorts of poultry And with ducks it doesn't have to be springtime for them to start laying eggs If you have a heat lamp in your barn they will start laying eggs anytime of the year In fact I have ducks that just started laying eggs two days ago And it's December 5

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I have an australian silver winged duck named Holly. She has not been around any adult males to mate with. Tonight I picked her up and brought her in the house. She is acting different. Usually she nips at me and makes hissing sound when I touch her and runs away from me but she is unusually friendly right now. She is shaking her head a little and having trouble walking. She keeps trying to hide by going in dark corners. Instead of walking she is laying on her belly and scooting herself across the floor. I am wondering if this is a sign of her laying eggs soon. It is winter and I live in NH.

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Cannot seem to get answer to my question. My female mallard has layed 9 eggs, that I can see, she has not been back to nest for 2 days. First egg laid 2 wks ago. Are these eggs OK?

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For several days now have been asking this question, all I see are the same posts over & over. I know how to tell female from male mallard. I just want to know how long will it or how long can it take for a female mallard to lay a clutch of eggs????? Am very disenchanted with this site. Why can't I get a response. I know how many she may lay, I know how long it will take to incubate them, I know the male will leave once she starts incubating!!! I merely want to know how long can it take between first egg and the start of the actual incubation!!! PLEASE, SOMEONE GIVE ME A STRAIGHT ANSWER!!!

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So now I get email that person responding to my post does not want to reveal his/her email. OK No prob!! Only there was no response, none at all, nothing, nada!!! Where do I find this response please,

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My fiance was at work and heard about a duck getting hit by a car in the parking lot and she had left the eggs in a bush near by. The man who told her said it had been at least an hour since the mother duck went missing, but my fiance went out into the parking lot to pick up the eggs. She put them in her gloves, put the gloves in her pockets and then borrowed a co-workers jacket to put on over her own jacket for extra warmth. As soon as we got home, I threw our rice bag in the oven, made the eggs a nest and placed the heated rice bag over them. Are we too late? What would be some signs to tell us the eggs had survived or not? Any advice would be helpful

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I'm a new member and also new at breeding my ducks.
One of my questions is how many eggs will my girl lay on? And do I stop taking the eggs after a certain amount of eggs are laid?.
This won't be last you hear from me I'm sure lol.
If anyone can help please get bk to me

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Most ducks start laying between 4 to six months if a drake is present. If not they may take longer however the eggs will not hatch. When a drake is not present these eggs should b gathered daily and refridgerated for eating. If a drake is present each duck will lay between 10 to 15 eggs in about a week. After they will start sitting on them continuously for about a month till they hatch. When a duck lays for the first time all the eggs may not hatch. Bad eggs are to be discarded. As ducks get older they may lay more and hatch all their eggs.

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The best way to know if ducks are male or female is drakes are generally larger and starts to get adult feathers before females. Most of the time u got towait about a month to start to see the difference, although you maybe able to tell with experience in about 2 weeks.

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when eggs begin to hatch it is not necessary to separate the duck from the drakes however the nest should be checked regularly and the newborn taken to prevent accidental injury. if the weather is cold shielded heat lamps should be provided to warm newborn and fresh water and starter feed should be placed. water of newborn should be changed at least 3 times daily as this water becomes soggy quickly and can spoil. newborn drinking this water can develop sickness. a vitamin can be added to the water about a month after.

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I have 12 ducks,6 white(Perkins) and 6 brown (ruins)the females have been laying eggs in a nest that they made behind some tall flowers in my garden. Fall is just a week away and it will start getting pretty cold here. Will the mothers sit on the nest and hatch the eggs and if so will the babies survive the cold weather?

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