Awww, my new additions!

gardengalrn(5KS)December 22, 2009

My MIL has planned for weeks to get my FIL a new puppy for his birthday/Christmas. My son had pestered me a bit for one but we have a very aged (17-yr-old) black lab who has declined and is really a LOT of work to maintain daily. Well, then I stopped by to see my FIL's new puppy...that was all it wrote. I went that night and got his sister, a red husky. She was working out so well that I went tonight and got another sister, a black husky, LOL!! The only poop or pee I have cleaned up has been from my old dog :( Funny thing is, this one I got tonight has been a little scared and hasn't wanted to potty out. Finally after 3 trips, she peed outside. I was sitting here checking my mail and heard someone getting into the cat box. I wanted to nix this as my old dog has the disgusting habit of EATING cat tootsies. I looked, and the new puppy was squatted in the cat box POOPING!!! LOL, I guess it was better than on the floor, right? Jesse is the red/white pup and Holly (for Christmas:) is the black/white puppy. They seem so intelligent and while they are whipping around here together now, still seem a little more managable than the troubled black lab puppy we had last year and had to get rid of. I've taken Jesse out to the coop with me each morning so I'll take the both of them tomorrow and see if I can't train them to NOT eat the chickens, LOL. That was the deal breaker with the lab we had to get rid of but I didn't work with him all that much. Anyway, I'm excited and had to share! Lori

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

They sound wonderful! Maybe they were trained to use a puppy litter box? Maybe she is just a very smart girl!

I sympatize with you, having an old dog. We just had our 15 yr old dog put down this past summer. He was bind and deaf and not happy, it was time. He is buried in a place of homour at the back of the property.

We want a new puppy now but hesitate to get a lab as we have chickens too. We don't really want a retriever or hunting type dog at all, so that lets out a lot of breeds, labs and goldens included. Hubby wants a German Shepherd and I would too, except for the hip dysplasia problem. We have access to a farm that breeds non registered but trained LGD meremmas. We are just looking around now. We may wait until spring when the weather is a little better for a pup to play and have training sessions outside. We are having severe cold temps right now.

We did just get an indoor cat that is a great little fellow!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Country DIY Blog

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That is too bad about your old dog, sometimes it is just the kind thing to do when they no longer have any enjoyment out of life. Jake, our old guy, still loves to eat and some days are better than others. He hasn't lost all hearing yet...perhaps a bit selective now and again;) The puppies are doing good and I have enjoyed getting to know them and their individual personalities. The weather is very cold and we had several days of blizzard conditions last week but it doesn't deter them a bit, just deters ME. I'm going to order some books on puppy training but I've ran in to a few concerns. Jesse hates to be on the leash and even if I am going in the direction she seems to want to go in, she will dig in her heels. I don't want to drag her around!! Letting them go without is no longer an option because they love the snow so much that they are off and running. We have a very large yard but I'm afraid they will run in the road. It is getting to the point where they will actually run if they see me trying to get them and will not mind while outside. They mind like angels inside as long as you have your eyes peeled on them at all times. They have gotten into the usual puppy mischief, chewing on things they shouldn't (they have lots of toys) and having some accidents here and there.
My other concern is that for being so young (just 9 wks now!), they do have that strong prey instinct. Especially since there is two of them. They will bark at my inside cats and will chase the outside cats if they run. The outside cats are learning and depending on which one they are interested in, will get a fast reprimand. The puppies have came with me to the coop but wait outside while I go in so have not really dealt with the chickens yet. Any ideas on how to approach this? I don't want my cats held prisoner in the garage like when we had that other dog and I sure don't want them attacking my chickens. Lori

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