What's your farm's name?

flgargoyle(9/FL)December 2, 2006

I think a farm should have a name, whether it's a hobby or a business. Something like 'Circle W Ranch', or 'Petersfield', or something like that. So what's your farm's name?

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Roberta_z5(Z4/5 IL)

Rock Creek Gardens. The Rock Creek (which feeds into the Rock River) runs through the middle of our acreage.

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well we don't really have a farm, we are in a more suburban setting. However we do have chickens, a dog & a new bunny.
Our name that we use on our egg cartons is "Chez Poulet".

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)

Busy Solitude Farm from a quote by Voltaire: "The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude."


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When we originally bought our property it was labeled as Sky Oaks. We hated the owner for destroying so many of the wonderful oak trees so we new we had to change it. When the day came I was filling out registration papers for some goats and a huge Oak fell covering our access road to the pens.

Thus Fallen Oak Ranch is the name

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ksfarmer(z5/Ks NC Kansas)

Belly Acres Farm

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dunwaukin(Ontario 5b)

Dunwaukin Farm. It's what my father named it after he sold the horses and bought a tractor. Don't just look at the name -- say it out loud......

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ours is just starting out but it is gonna be...C 'n' J's acres. it represents the first initials of all our first names. me hubby and two sons. lol

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these are cute!

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We started out with 2 mini donkeys I wanted Half assed farm.Hubby said no.So we ended up with Double B/B Farm with 2 Bs interlocking for our first and last name.

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farmsteward(North Carolina 7)

Martinhouse Gardens. Our last name is Martin, and we use a simple drawing of a martin house for the logo.

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bethw(z7 VA)

Our house is 180 years old and for years before the Civil War was the manse for the nearby Presbyterian church. It's always been known as 'The Old Manse.'

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

Sky Meadow Farm

There's a biggish meadow at the highest point of the property, and it seems like you can see miles of sky from there.

It's funny, though, a couple of people have told me they don't like the name.

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littlereo(Conklin Mi.)

Ours is Littlereo Grand Draft Goat Farm. The littlereo grand creek runs right through our land. We only have 5 acres, it works for us. We grow our own veggies, eggs, meat chicks, and lamb. We also have two big wethers, and 1 that sould be as big as them. We backpack, and they pull us in the cart.

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Miss_Kitty(6a KY)

We had a discussion like this a couple of years ago. Someone wanted a good name for a mini-farm. Then someone came up with "Croft" the scottish/irish word for a 5 to 10 acre farm.

I fell for that name hook line and sinker long before we bought the house. So our place is "Jordan's Croft". That thread may still be around somewhere, if I remember correctly they had a couple of great ideas for 'ethnic' farm names.


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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

Our farm is named Overlooked Farm and my chicken coop is Chez Poulet.

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We just closed on 7 acres in SC, so I'll have to start working on a name. I like the 'Croft' idea... I wonder if there's a Swedish version?

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athagan(z9a N/C Fl)

We call our place Dun Hagan. In the Gaelice "Dun" can be defined as a rise or hill. The house sits on a rise overlooking the lake so Dun Hagan it is.


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Miss_Kitty(6a KY)


There was a nordic name, and a german name, but I can't remember them. It was loads of fun to read the different names and how folks came up with them.


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cherig22(MO 6a/6b)

We moved to Missouri, and are currently looking for property. Guess I will name it; but our small property in AZ is named 'Este Lugar de Suenos', which translates to 'This Place of Dreams'.


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dogridge(7b nc)

Our farm is "Dogridge" there is a very rocky ridge that runs through our acreage and we love dogs, even bought doorknobs with little dog faces on them. Our chicken coop is called "The Chick Inn"

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We own "roughly" 8-acres in a valley with Big Indian Creek making up the North border. In the summer time when the trees are covered with leaves, you wouldn't even know we were there from the road. Hence the name, Hidden Valley Farm.

Not to big...but big enough for our 12-Boars, 3-Alpines and about 150-layers. Not to mention 3-dogs and who knows how many cats my daughter has collected???? She loves them...

Ohh...I forgot to mention the duck that thinks it is a chicken. She is hilarious.


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Ours is Somerhill. Our first, smaller place was on a hilltop near Somerset.....when we bought the farm and moved, we decided that we already had enough name recognition with the registered sheep and rabbits that we'd keep the name.
I like it. :^) If I were to change it, Highland Meadows would be a favorite.
Lisa at Somerhill

Here is a link that might be useful: Our farm and its inhabitants

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Fenton's Berry Farm

We raise you-pick / we-pick strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, as well as asparagus in spring, and pumpkins, gourds and squash in the fall.
Come see us!


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S'toons 'n Stuff Farm. We grow saskatoon berries so we shortened it to S'toons. We wanted to include all the other stuff we do so Stuff got added.


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DH wants to call it the Money Pit, but we live on 3 east-facing hillside acres so I call it Sunnyside. No sign for it yet, but DH doesn't like that name cause he says it sounds too sweet. All we have is chickens now, but I'm going to get a pair of pygmy goats in spring to help protect them from predatory birds. DH doesn't want the goats either. I think I'm gonna have my way on this one. Cheryl

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Mystic Meadows Daylily Farm ...

I grow, sell and hybridize daylilies as a hobby. I am very into Sci Fi Fantasy and am a big fan of dragons, so used "Mystic". And I am naming any daylilies I create and register using "Mystic" as the first part of the name.

I registered my first 2 daylilies this year, "Mystic Sphere" and "Mystic Firebird", though I am still waiting to hear if I get the last name.

3 mini donks .. Sambina, Cosmo and Merlin. 2 dogs, Dakota & Lily, and too many cats to speak of.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Farm & Flowers

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judyag_44(SW FL)

In 2003 my husband and I moved home to Missouri to live on the farm that my grandparents purchased in 1910. We lived in Florida, Colorado and islands of the tropical Pacific for most all of our married lives but this is a truly special place where I spent many happy times as a child.

It is the "Hills of Home" where we will spend our retirement.

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

My little corner of Missouri is called Serendipity Acres which I named after my faithful rescued Aussie...she owns the place, you know...LOL! I have future plans, but for now it is mostly perennial gardens...trying to grow one of everything. I also have three horses: Sam, William and Kobie...plus dogs (I rescue) and some cats.

This is a great thread...I love all of the names! I live down the road from The Rockin 'J' Ranch....

I am working on a website for my gardens...it is still a LONG way from completion and desperately needs updated...

Here is a link that might be useful: Serendipity Acres

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I just read the sequel to 'Wicked', and they have a fictional autumn month called 'Summersend'. Since my wife and I will be in the autumn of our lives (and autumn is my favorite time of year) my current choice is 'Summersend'. Of course, it will probably change many times before we get there!

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Bit of Heaven Homestead is our farm's title. Of course, my hubby likes to add Whole lot of H#@@! I consider our farm a definite gift from God, hence the Heavenly name.

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This is such a wonderful forum, and this thread about farm names is terrific. We have a 10 acre property, meadow circled by majestic redwood trees. We are aiming toward growing our own food and then some for frieds as well. No animals yet besides our 3 dogs and 2 cats. We've had the property for 7 years now and I have never been able to name it. It has always seemed very important to me that our hobby farm or ranchette have a name, but I have never managed to come up with one. Reading all your thoughts regarding naming your farms has been very affirming and some of you are quite funny. Thanks to all. And if anyone has any help for a gal trying to wrestle with her own property naming, I am open for suggestions. I find myself stuck around whether we've got a ranch (which brings up images of a big dusty Texas property larger than the horizon with lots of cattle and horse breaking) or a farm (which sounds like a place where you grow vegetables for a business, and we are not likely to do this.) Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated.

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If it isn't really a farm or ranch, it can still have a name. I remember around coastal CT all the little summer cottages had names (some still do). Many were Indian- sounding, like 'Pocahontas'. I always figured I would see what the land spoke to me. I often refer to my mother's place as 'Frog Hollow', because when she first moved there, it was over run w/ frogs. So look around at nature- it sounds like you have a beautiful spot- and see what speaks to you. It might be flora, fauna, the weather, or anything else. As I said in one post, I might call ours 'Summersend', a fictional month in a book, because I like autumn, and my wife and I are in the 'autumn' of our lives.

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AmandaAlna(z4 ME)

Ours is Long Winter Farm, and I have a small quilting business called Long Winter Quilts. We sell organic eggs, produce, and preserves so far, but we're eventually hoping to get into organic meat, fiber, and baked goods as well.

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Your post seemed to name it 'Redwood Meadow" I know it doesn't make any sense, but it sounds good when you say it :)

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I am playing with "HENPECKED FARM". When I suggested it to my wife she was all excited that I had come up with a name until I told her what it was. She turned all serious and asked me if that meant she was the reason for the name. I said ,"Of course not sweetie!" I don't think she believed me. She just walked away.

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I'm thinking about naming mine The Cayes or Serenity.

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Our farm which was established 11 years ago, is called the BRB Ranch, (stands for the Big Red Bum). Our son used to run around in the buff in the house when he was an infant and we lived in the city, and we said it would make a great name for a farm. So,there you have it. Of course, my son doesn't know I've spilled the beans!

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LisaNH(z4 NH)

Mack Hill Farm. We are on Mack Hill Road, and the actual Mack Hill is across from our class-6 unmaintained road. It'd be cooler if we actually owned Mack Hill, but oh well.

I keep trying to decide who to name Mack. Our ram already has a cool name and a reputation (Sue), so not him. Our llamas are girls, so not them. We are getting a rooster this spring, but they don't live very long. Maybe we can always have a rooster named Mack.

But what I really want is an African Gray parrot that I can take with me to the Farmer's Market named Mack. I don't have the time for one yet, though, as I am getting an Icelandic sheepdog in March, as well as my first chickens, which are also Icelandic. Bees and pigs (our first ones) come in April, and we'll lamb all May and June. Maybe next year!

I didn't know gardenweb had a farming forum. (hi!) How cool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mack Hill Farm

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Homestead Harvest. It's not really a "farm". We use much more for ourselves, and only sell some excess. Harvesting from our homestead is what we are about, so that's the name. Plus, we we think it's catchy.

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Ware Goats and Forages

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jannoel_gw(z5b IL)

flgargoyle, you wondered if there was a Swedish version of croft. I don't know but the dark red farm houses in Sweden are called stugas.

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MaxBaerHems(Z6b Pa)

I saw this one the other day while out driving around....I thought it was rather neat.....

"Just-E-Nuff Farm"

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My bosses cattle brand is 8 IT

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Our farm name was Maple-West Holsteins until we got out of the dairy part of the business. Now it is called Maplewest Farms. We named it because of the maple trees on the west side of the road.

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instar8(Z 5 N.IN)

I wouldn't go so far as to call my place a farm, do two beehives count? I have 3 acres of hilly old pasture, sand moraines on top of gravel, excessively well-drained is an understatement.

THe house is a modest, neglected modular built longways into a hill in the center of the property, and two sides have some trees, can't really call it "woods" cause it's mostly weedy stuff about as old as the house, but it makes me feel cozy.

I named the place "Thistledew" for the predominant species and the fact that I got almost everything I wanted for a price I could almost afford!

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Nice wordplay on the name, instar8! It doesn't have to be a real farm- mine won't be. As I said in the OP, I remember summer cottages having names on them when I was a kid.

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Our property is not a farm, but I liked this thread and wanted to share. We call ours Wa-wa-na-quas-sick. It is Indian for land of many memorial stones. The stories behind the stone piles are very interesting, if you are into this type of thing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Camp Wawanaquassick

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We officially named our farm 'Erbe Gartens' last year.

I decided on the name as a way to pay homage to my German heritage while also hoping to leave something behind when my time on earth is through. It translates simply to "Heritage Gardens". I planted over 8000 perennials last year, and hope to double the amount this coming spring and summer. Guess I'd better get back to the greenhouse to transplant seedlings!

Great to read so many fun name stories!

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instar8(Z 5 N.IN)

This is a fun post..I forgot to mention a place I drive by that grows and sells melons..."Back Acres".

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A life-long friend of mine in CT calls his place 'Gator Creek Farms'. He has a long fascination w/ alligators, so the name stuck.

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We're just a little hobby farm, but it's "petite hobby farm de L'Anse"...we're in Quebec!!!

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Sweetfolly(Z 5 ME)

When I registered my herd of Nubian goats I needed a name that summed up my life , and my endeavor! I registered the herd as Sweetfolly Farm and have kept the name ever since. Trying to raise animals, and flowers, and make a living off of them is just that...sweet foolishness!

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I love this thread!

We named our operation Barefoot Farm. We have four young sons. Three of them have a strong aversion to wearing shoes. The name seemed too perfect for us. We call our homeschool Barefoot Academy for Wayward Boys. If we add an agritourism aspect to the farm, I want to call it Barefoot Boys Farm Adventure. In our logo, we use footprints in place of the oo in foot. I love our name. I really does suit us well.

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We used to paint 'footprints' all over our boats when we were kids. Make a fist and dip the side of your hand in the paint. When pressed on a surface, this makes the main part of the foot. Then make dots of paint w/ a fingertip to create the toes. The boys will have fun w/that!

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Over the Rainbow Tree Farm is the name we picked and it really suits us fine. Lots of trees on 36 acres. Loblolly Pines and Virginia Pines as well as oaks and other hardwoods. This year i'm starting a little tree nursery
with Copper Beech, Sugar maples, Crimson King Maples, Colorado Blue Spruce and Norway Spruce.

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Ours is pretty boring, Raines Ranch. But thats what we named our land on the public paper work when we bought it so it kind of stuck. We also registered our herd name for our dairy goats through ADGA , AGS and IDGA with it .

Here is a link that might be useful: Raines Ranch Nubians

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More of a dream than an enterprise, we call it "Lil Cricket Farm", named after a sparrow who fell through the chimney as a fledgling. We managed to get her to survive without fully realizing that birds can imprint. She learned to fly, but refused to leave,. We even took her for walks to the park on our shoulders. She lived for TEN years! with us in the city, and died just as we were packing up to head to the country, a chapter I guess she just wasn't up to.

Not sure if her little spirit ever did leave though. We have TEN birds now thanks to the many lessons we learned from raising little Cricket-Cricket. Sparrows are always precious and welcomed guests at our place.

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Swingin Ona' Star Farms

4 donkeys, we raise Nigerian dwarf goats and we have chickens, ducks and dogs.

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we do not have a true farm. we have three acres, the true old drafty farm house and an old detached 2 car garage that we are currently painting to look like a barn. we have 11 dogs, a cat, 2 rabbits, 3 degus, 2 guinea pigs, peacock, chickens, turkeys,feeder pigs, and soon goats. reading all the responses made me think that we could/should have a name for my little farm. and i think i will call it SERENITY ACRES. i am most peaceful when i am out with my animals and working in my gardens. we have 5 boys from 2 to 12 and i enjoy the every part of our little farm. it relaxes me. some people go to the lake to relax me i go to the garage/barn.

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susandonb(NC 7)

What a great question! I am just starting to think about this. We grow vegetables and I hope to get some fainting goats next year, so I consider our home a farm. I have so many factors to consider for a name, I am going crazy thinking about it.

I'll let ya know when I come up with one!

Susan in NC

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Annette Holbrook

We have 12 acres in Alpharetta, GA. We run a dog park and training center on the back 9 or so acres. We base all of our training on wolves and the way they communicate in the wild. Our last name is Holbrook and there is a wide creek (brook) that is the south border of our property. We combined this and came up with WolfBrook.
In addition to the dogs and cats, we have about 40 chickens and 4-5 beehives along with a blueberry garden and fruit tree grove.


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susandonb(NC 7)

Ok, we got it. We have 4.4 acres here in NC (near VA border N. of Greensboro) We currently only grow veggies in a 1/2 acre garden. I want to get Myotonic Goats next Spring.
Name of our farm is "Berry Bliss Farm".


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vinnyc(7 LINY)

I grew up in the city, and soon after we moved into our house in the "country", we bought a little piece of property ajoining ours. It's only 1/4 acre, and was overgrown and full of junk and waste from the previous owners landscaping business. I spent a lot of time cleaning it all out by myself. When my friends from the city would call looking for me, I was always back there. They started asking my wife "Where is he, out on the back 40 again?" Ever since then, we call it The Back 40. We have rabbits, chickens, and 4 khaki campbell ducks back there, also my vegetable garden, composting area, and lots of perennials.

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37 acres with 2 acre fish pond, 8 layers hens, 8 boer & nubian goats (3 of which are our first kids), 5 cats, 2 dogs and garden full of produce for sale.

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We own over 135 acres situated on the N Sask River in Alberta Canada. The 80 acres along the river contain old growth mixed forest. The rest of the land is sharecropped and planted in either wheat or canola. We love to fish, hike and observe the wildlife. There are bears, wolves, coyotes, deer, various birds, etc. We are currently building a log cabin for a weekend getaway. The farm, not money, will be our legacy to the kids. Ideas for names?

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I love reading everyone's farm's names! We recently bought a farm in the hills of Iowa- 138 acres (120 crops and the rest woods). There are many black walnut trees, so I am thinking of a name that either incorporates the walnuts and the hills or possibly the name of the road (Applewood Road).

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Old thread worth reviving. Just went through the same ordeal, went through all the options, historical/geographical/family names. Finally settled on a little known name for the area that has historical significant.

Yadkin Station Farms

Yadkin station being the name of the old rainroad stop on what used to be the Norfolk & Western railroad which runs along the northern border of the property.

One large bonus is that our uncle recently bought and renovated one of the stations that was used there (10x14 shed really) and will let me move it over to where I plan on setting up the farm stand, nothing beats free advertising!

Double bonus is it gives me a good starting point for logo design.

A picture of the old station is currently on my CNG profile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pic of Yadkin Station on CNG profile

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We are an non profit animal rescue named after one of beloved dogs; Sarah. Safe Animal Rescue And Haven (S.A.R.A.H.) Pretty cool.

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Lil' Bit Farms
we have a small hobbie farm with " A LITTLE BIT OF THIS AND THAT" thus our name

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We have an almost 100 year old house that must have been grand in its day (we still think it is). It sits on a hill on 14 acres overlooking the town. Since the name of the road is Golden Road, we felt Golden Hall was very appropriate.

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jungseed(z4b & z2b)

What a fun thread - I really enjoyed reading it. We wanted to name our farm Stoney Oaks. But I was up in the attic and found the original mortgage papers from 1879 up there. In the same bag I found that my husbands great aunt named the farm Pleasant View just after the turn of the century. So we stick with Pleasant View. I can understand the name she picked. When you look south from our house you can see the bluff about 13 miles away. It is pretty.

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kristenmarie(Z4-5/New Mexico)

Boxcar Farm because we live in a boxcar.

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What a great thread! I enjoyed reading through everyone's stories. :)

We just bought ~20 acres with several mature oaks and plan on building our home there in the next year or so. I think it's a good time to start thinking of a name!

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Maple Acres.

I'm originally from Canada and love maples, but the property had none. I have been busy planting. Now there are many as well as a true mix of other species of trees and understory. The trees look sparse now, but when our grandkids are running around it will be amazing.

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Paw Paw Ridge Farm. We own 23 secluded acres--18 timber/5 tillable. We are blessed with loads of wild persimmons, paw paws, blackberries, dewberries, walnuts, hickory nuts, and hazelnuts. It is also loaded with game, which originally was our purpose for buying it. The hayfield has been converted to fruit and vegetable production. We now have over 40 assorted fruit trees and over a thousand feet of berries, 700 asparagus, grapes, and rhubarb. It keeps us busy.

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Since our farm has been in my husbands family for over 70 years, the only way any one knows where we live, is if I tell them our last name. Renaming the farm would be taken as an insult. BUT, in my head the name is "5 Egg Farm", after the first hens we had, that were kind enough to give us 5 eggs a day.

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Devine Farms. We refer to it as Devine Pumpkin Farm or Ohio Pumpkin Patch just so people that aren't familiar with us know what we are. Fall Family FUN!

Here is a link that might be useful: Newark Ohio Pumpkin Farm

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lily51(OH 5)

What an interesting thread. Great stories on farms' histories.
Ours is Windy Knoll... can you guess why?

I always pictured living in a white house on top of a hill and so now we have for 30+ years. It is next to the farm where my husband grew up, a farm that we also now farm.

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I am having trouble naming our farm, we just got 40 acres in Oklahoma. Its beautiful, we have a few cows, horses, the chickens didn't make it with the cats :( Our Stud is a Hancock Quarter Horse, red roan. I don't like names like Double r ranch or Circle T farm. I don't know what it means, too plain :/ But I did see a sign that said Double Bat farm and thought that was funny. I like funny witty names. But Im stumped! When my daughter was smarting off a little I though, WHIPPING TIME RANCH! SWATS A PLENTY Farm!!
ANY help would be great!
Great names here, creative!

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I'm also considering renaming my farm. I was using my maiden name, but i'm the last one in my lineage, and the other ones with the same name don't have the best reputation. Any ideas??

I inherited 56 acres with my sister, she has since sold her part to outsiders. Our last name starts with a B, but I have one son with the last name starting with D. I thought about using either the township name or county name, but haven't really liked either. DH suggested the "crazy lady farm", for me or my grandmother (that I inherited from). Our farm is back a long lane (1/4 mile) and can't be seen from the road, so maybe something along that line.

I'm just not too descriptive or creative.

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Im surrounded by Blueberries where I live. Everything around me is Blueberry this and Blueberry that. We live on a big hill and its always very windy here. So we are going with Berryblue Farm or Berryblew Farm. I have so enjoyed reading everyones farm names and how they got the name. I love the name barefoot farm and the story...

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

Seriously? We just call it home.


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These have been fun to read. The farm/garden doesn't have a name, but the business of selling food from it is called "The King's Table" after the family's name and based off Scripture.

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We just bought 12acres.
it has a stream running through the corner of it, hence, Corner Stream.

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Our farm has a fantastic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains
in north Georgia so we named our farm 'Mountain View Farms'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mountain View Farms

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Well, we dont really have a farm, but my friend has. It's called 'Squidorid low farmins'. It is qute a long name, so we allways call it the 'Squiely Farm', and we allways laugh!

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