Help ID these plants

carla_12June 20, 2014

My computer died and I lost my garden layout! There are about three veggie plants I can't identify or remember what I planted where. If anyone can help me identify these plants I'd really appreciate it.

This is the 2nd group of plants I'm not sure of. I think they are collards and maybe some lettuce mixed in?

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Yep. Looks like collard with "something" else.


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catherinet(5 IN)

Collards that are getting eaten up. :(

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Why don't you use plant tags to label the plants or at least label the rows? That is what most do. Otherwise it is just guess work.

Not sure why you would plant collards intermixed with lettuce but I agree most in the picture is collards that won't be edible much longer anyway so I'd pull them and plant something edible with a name tag on it.


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Yep, I was pretty sure that's what they were but I didn't want to start picking them and cooking them until I was sure. And yep to the "eaten up"! This is my first attempt at organic so I'm tackling the bugs as fast as I can without giving up and going to insecticide! Any advice?

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I've always kept a garden log because I usually can identify most of the plants by sight and I have so many different type plants and rows that I find it easier. Plus I can plan out and keep up with my companion plants planning by looking over my computer garden layout. This year I planted plants I'm new to...I usually don't work with any kind of lettuce, cauliflower, etc. (most of the ones in the photos except the collards). I always plant collards. Why do you say they won't be edible much longer? Cause of the bugs holes? How long will it take the BT to work? If you wash the collards in light salt water won't that make them safe to eat even with holes?

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I don't mind the pic confusion...takes a bit to figure it out. And who has the time when the garden needs tending, ; )
Some salad mixes the past few years have a mixed blend of salads and greens. Meant to be planted tight and cut young, then come up for another round or three...
To be eaten fresh, not cooked...but if grown thin, will obviously become a larger plant to be cooked...a few holes do not matter. They look healthy but don't really like the heat. Could get a bit tough and woody if not picked. Stops growing. A bit of shade helps.
And mulch...
A row cover keeps the bugs out. In the heat of July a bolt of tulle is handy to have for a cover...
I don't have BT but not a bad thing to have but i've not had the need yet...

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sorry, what's "a bolt of tulle"? It's kind strange that this is the first year (over about 4 years) I have had a "bug" problem in my veggie garden...I never have before and have never had to used pesticides! I think the reason there is lettuce in with the collards is because I planted lettuce in fall but nothing came up so I planted the collards later, when the seed packet said to plant. I guess some lettuce decided to grow after all. Since I love most greens, I guess "mixed blends of salads and greens" will work out great for me! Besides, I don't mind...I'm pretty laid back with my garden - I do very little thinning out of seedlings, transplanting, etc., I let some weeds/grasses grow to keep some veggies off the soil. My main source of fertilizer is rabbit manure and some chicken manure. I usually end up with way more veggies than my husband and I can use. I love giving away my produce to friends, family, leaving some at church and the office, etc. I just love gardening - especially the experimenting part. Every year I try to add several new vegetables to my garden selections, even if I don't like to eat them - there's always someone out there that want them. When people look at my garden they are amazed that it produces as well as it does...I call it organized

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