WANTED: Something wrong with Glass Gem corn.

tim_the_gardner(8)July 25, 2014

I ordered seeds from Nativeseeds.org last year and grew them in one of my raised beds. I hand pollinated most of the plants and I am very disappointed in the results. The plants are all brown and are almost fully dry, so I pulled off a few ears only to find out that the colors are very dull. They are not anything like the ones I have seen in the photos online, or youtube videos of other growers. What am I doing wrong? Is there anyone that can send me seeds that are colorful in a seed exchange? Now that I think of it, the seeds that they sent me were also very dull in color. I dont believe I did anything wrong... I've grown corn for the past 10 years without any trouble. Anyone out there have any good (colorful) seeds to exchange?
Thank you,


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beesneeds(zone 6)

I've read in some places that the corn can be a mixed bag of results- sometimes very pretty, sometimes fairly muted. I've seen some pics that were fairly meh, and some that were spectacular. I've seen advice to wash/polish the corn to bring out it's best, and that it is awesome all on it's own.
Maybe you just didn't have good luck with this batch?

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Why don't you send a picture of your results to Nativeseeds.org and ask them for a replacement?
Captivated by the internet pictures, I waited in line to get these seeds a few years ago--if I recall correctly I paid $12 for one pack!
I expect the company would not want your picture to circulate about their expensive product and would gladly give you a refund or store credit. Good luck-if your complaint isn't resolved to your satisfaction (or if it is) please leave feedback on the "Rate and Review Vendors" forum.

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Were the seeds you received all the same color?

I've read that a minimum of 200 plants should be grown to ensure a good range of colors. However, I grew only 60 last year from seeds I got in trade and had very good results. The corn is supposedly shiniest in the 'milk stage' of development and becomes duller as it matures, and the longer it is stored the duller it becomes.

Here's a picture of a few cobs of mine from last year. Though pretty, I wasn't that impressed by them, and I don't think I'll grow them again.

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I've actually been considering growing glass gem corn. Although it looks ornamental, it is supposedly edible. Does anyone know how it tastes?

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It is a dent (flour) corn, not used for eating fresh.

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