Warming chickens and hoarse rooster questions

debbi_in_californiaDecember 14, 2008

I'm a California newbie chicken lover/owner. Our temps never go below 17F generally. I worry that my chickens should be warmed by a heater when it gets 32F and under. My husband says I'm crazy. They are kept in a 6 foot square shed with shavings and nesting boxes. I have a total of 10.

Also, my one rooster is sounding hoarse the last couple of days when he crows. Is this normal? He is 1 year old and seems in good health.



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Chickens don't need a heater for those temps. We've had
-0F temps lately and they're fine. I'm considering a heat lamp for the coming REALLY cold winter temps of -25F.

You will need to heat the waterer to keep it from freezing if you get below 32F temps or the chickens won't have water to drink. I am using a heating pad for that right now. You can also buy an electriclly heated base to sit it on or use a heated dog bowl.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

well it depends on the breed. If you have all naked necks then yes they need a heater if you have orpingtons then they will be fine. How big are there combs? That's the most volnerable part of the bird.

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