chicken coop ideas

kristenmarie(Z4-5/New Mexico)December 17, 2006

Hi, does anyone know where to find designs for a nice but simple chicken coop? I have new chickens coming this spring (50) and I need a new coop. I'm trying to think of a way so I can get the eggs from the outside. My MIL had a design from Countryside to that effect but she can't find it.


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I had a little 8'x8' garden shed built in my yard and then added the nest boxes on one side wall. I put one perch about 4' from the floor and another 2' higher and the chickens seem delighted. For the perches I used 2"x2" furring strips.

At first the nest boxes were flat on top and the hens liked to roost on top of them and of course made the mess up there. So then, I added a board set at a 45 degree angle on the top of the boxes so they couldn't stand on it. Now they only roost on the perches. This keeps the night soil in the same spot and much easier to sweep out.

I also specified when the shed was built, that I only wanted one door, instead of the standard shed double door design, and asked him to make it a dutch style door. This way while my chicks are small, I can confine them to the shed and still have the top half of the door open for fresh air circulation.

After the shed was constructed I set steel posts into the ground and strung the chicken wire to form a 16x16' yard, with the 8'x8' shed forming one corner of the yard. As the chicks got older they liked to go under the shed in hot weather to keep cool. My gate was constructed of wood with chicken wire over the frame. Along the bottom edge of the fence, I built up the soil level about three inches to prevent predators from digging under it. Cheryl

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After searching for quite some time, I have come to the conclusion that there are just too few plans out there for people who need step by step direction. It would be great if someone took the time to take pictures and measurements for the shed/coop they built. It would undoubtedly help many people who were building one for the first time.
I vow to do just that. This project will be for just that purpose. To help those build a basic shed/coop for a small flock of birds or just to store tools in.

Pictures of a shed that was built doesn't help much except for planting a desire to have one built like it. Pictures of it being built step by step with instructions would go so much further.
I hope to do just that. That is,if I can do that and also take care of my 3 month old son at the same time!;)
I will be starting this in a few days. It will be an ongoing story of build coop/get chicks/raise chicks/first egg.
I think it will tell of a first time chick owners tale of what to do and what not to do. Of course, this site and others will help in what takes place. I'm excited to do this and will post a new thread or maybe even start my own page and link to it if it gets too much!

Stay tuned......

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mailman, I answered you on another post as well, but the best step-by-step pics I've ever seen are on

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