What to charge for chicken?

nelda1234December 5, 2008

Hey all,

How much would you charge for a butchered chicken that weighs around 3-5lbs?



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I would say it depends on if it's range fed, vs just penned up all it's life and fed a ration. Depends on your location too (like if you are smack dab in the middle of chicken country), but I'd say between 5 and 10 bucks. Is the weight before or after butchering? People would also be more willing to pay more for an 'organic' chicken too.

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Hi mersiepoo,

Yes, they are free range and organic fed, (seramas don't go looking for a license and poke me in the eye when you don't find one) LOL!! we do have a coop that we lock them up at night, I am in a rural area and live on 4 acres. I have a high client list for eggs and since butchering 26 of my chickens and the slow down because of weather and less hens I now have a running list of people I call when I fill there order. they are very patient people and are always glad when I call for a pick-up - but like I said I now have my customers asking for the CHicken who laid the egg--hee,hee - I want to ask a fair price - they are 3-5 lbs after butchering.
I now have 40 hens and 2 roos, one hen with 2 babies hatched on Nov. 7 I have another 50 peeps coming in February.


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Do you have any grocery stores near you that carry organic chicken? If so, I'd charge what they charge per lb butchered weight.

It's VERY expensive for we small folk to raise chickens to butcher weight.

For my Freedom Rangers, I paid $1.75 each, then huge amounts of feed at $14 per bag, plus the cost of housing, more feeders/waterers, etc.

I WAS charging $3.99 lb, but ended up getting $3.50lb to a client that bought ALL my birds - more than 200 lbs of meat.

NOW, I see that my local grocery store is charging $4.99 lb.

Just be sure not to undersell yourself - it's a lot of work, and a high level of risk too.

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

We just butchered our chickens last wednesday, sold them for $3.50 / lb they averaged 5 lbs each. Which translates to about $20 each. I had a list of friends that wanted them and could have sold a hundred if I'd had them! As it is, I'm only left with 16 of the 46. I am refusing to part with them! I sold enough to pay for all the expenses of raising them, including the new heatlamp and water fount that I will use for many more chickens to come.
I did find out from my friend that butchered them for me, where to get feed locally (non medicated & organic even!)that will cost me 1/3 of what I paid for this batch, so in the spring, when I do this again, I will hopefully do more than just break even with chicken to eat till spring.

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Hey mxbarbie so you got all the butchering done! did you do all 46 in one day? boy talk about work!

Thanks everybody - now I don't feel bad that I charged $15 for the smaller ones and $20 for the bigger ones. I also refuse to part with what I have left and I too sold enough to take care of expenses and a new heated waterer for this winter.

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

Actually, I just stood around and watched! My friend slaughters poultry professionally (she has a licenced facility, charges $2.50/bird) and yes, she did all 46 plus one turkey in 3 1/2 hours. I bagged them. (aren't I helpfull? ; )
Next time, I'll try my hand at it.

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