fluid buildup in crop

kniffin50December 7, 2009

one of our chickens has a fluid building up in it's crop area.If you squeeze the crop area you can get a fluid to come out of it's mouth.She is 7 yrs old.Has had the best of care.Any help would be great.



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shes real old, sounds like pnemonia. Go to the farm store and get some penniciian (dont know how to spell it) or another antibiotic, put her in a cage or big box with a heat lamp, with enough room so she can lay were comfortable. Put antibiotic mixed into her water. Also mix gatorade in water to keep her from dehydrating. Feed her cottage cheese and yogurt she will need good protein thats easy to digest. Feed bread to help stiffen stool. Beings youve had her this long Im sure shes a family pet. Read antibiotic lable it will give a weight dosage, and or amount per hundred birds, I dont treat poultry often enough to have it memorised. Youll have to do some math. Dont be afraid to be a little heavy on the dose because you will be mixing it in water, do not use a waterer with more than half a gallon for this single bird, you want to ensure she gets her medicine, add half water and half gatorade.

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Thanks josh, she's doing alittle better today.Her breathing is alittle wheezy.Would hate to see her go.She is one of 3 left of our original flock of 8.

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