Fox got my ducks

LnrODecember 19, 2011

Last night a fox get our turkeys and attacked our ducks. One of the ducks is as good as dead at the moment but our drake is fighting. He has a wound on his chest, does anyone have any advice on how to dress and disenfect the wound? Hes part of the family and we're heart broken to be losing one and we want to try and save him.

Any help is greatly appriencated :)

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Oh you have my sincerest sympathy. We pour hydrogen peroxide into bird (duck) wounds and then put colloidal silver into their drinking water, in a bucket each day. We make our own nano-particle colloidal silver, but you can purchase colloidal silver at the health food store. One teaspoon to a bucket. He won't survive without a companion female duck, though, they get depressed and die.
We keep electric fencing around our poultry yards, although our predator problem is bear, not fox. We'd lose chickens and ducks 3x a year, an entire pen, until we built an electric 'fort knox' fence.

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