Cold Weather Safety

oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)December 17, 2010

OK, I know that most of you already know, but there maybe some newbies to the country.

If you live where it snows, you carry some sort of shovel in your vehicle all the time. That's to dig out if you get stuck.

Always have a blanket or good quality sleeping bag for each family member in the car and some sort of spare warm garment like a ski jacket.

If you are setting out for some distance, especially in areas with no traffic, take a gallon of water. Unfortunately, that can't be left in the car full time.

A human can live for a long time without eating, but if I traveled with small children, I would keep a box of granola bars in the car, and maybe some dried fruit and hard candy.

You can not leave the car motor running if the car is buried in snow. You will kill yourself with carbon monoxide. The exhaust must be unobstructed to move away from the car.

If you really live out in the boonies with no neighbors, keep a change of extra warm clothing in an out-building. You don't want to be standing in a blizzard in your nightdress and slippers, watching your house burn down, when the nearest neighbor is 20 miles away.

If you are not badly stuck, perhaps only one wheel, you can often get out by laying your snow chains on the ground and driving out over them. It isn't always necessary to put the chains onto the tire.

Check the tighteners for your snow chains to make sure they aren't rotted.

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Excellent reminder. For Christmas I always give new drivers a brakdown kit for their car, and a blanket. We have 3 teenagers this year so I am giving 3 bags with blankets.

Even my young niece received one - though she may not change a tire the tools will be available if someone comes along to help (or so she can knock someone on the head if they try some funny stuff!).


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lily51(OH 5)

Great reminders--thanks! Seems like we all forget over the summer what winter is like.

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