Any Angora Rabbits for sale in NH,MA or Maine

kimmykooDecember 27, 2006

Hello-I have 3 beautiful angoras and have become addicted. Does anyone have any for sale in the areas listed? I would really like some more.However show quality is not needed so maybe prices below 45.00 would be good.. Must be willing to deliver to me in NH as i can not drive due to seizures bt am willing to pay your gas money . Thank u Kindly Kim

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Kim, since no-one else seems to be answering, I'll offer some possible venues, which I would think might be productive.

Try your local 4H group - some of them may be into rabbits. And if no local, current members are, they may know of past members who were, and know their source.

Try a local hand weaver/spinners guild or member - they might know who can supply them with fur or yarn. Ask at a local yarn supply shop, as they may also know of any hand weavers or spinners.

Ask anyone who has sheep, as they may also be hooked into the weavers/spinners.

Google for rabbits in your area - there may be a New England group or association.

Ask your local small animal vet if he/she knows of anyone. Ask the vets all around your area - if there's a vet who is especially good with bunnies, he/she may know of a breeder.

Put notices up in all the nearby feed stores.

I hope you can find a source, and get the bunnies you want.

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thank u for answering -the woman i got the bunnies from deciding to sell all her angoras and i got first dibs. i was trully Blessed so now i have beautiful stock and i got a huge one free. im so happy :)

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How nice, Kim! What kind of angoras are they? Are you a handspinner?

Lisa at Somerhill

Here is a link that might be useful: My Angora bunnies

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hello again- i dont know how to spin but i was thinking of trying a hand spindle. i really dont think i have the patience tho-im a single mom of 4 small boys and my patience is gone lol. i think it would be so cool tho!
also im still looking for angoras for new blood lines. i have lost 2 from this line and its devastating to me so i was thinking of new lines to strengthen it. i dont know if theres anything wrong with the lines its just that the 2 that died-Nothing was wrong that i can see. sigh....

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Hi Kim,

If you are still looking for Angoras, I had a litter of 8 born Oct. 12. I am in Eastern Mass. Please contact me at if you're interested.


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Check out: Angoras R Us

Here is a link that might be useful: Angoras R Us

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i got 7 beautiful bunnies, pure angora rabbits, please let me know if interested

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I have a female German angora and am looking for a red (mostly German) angora buck to breed this doe. I Do show Mini rex (on a very small scale) so don't really want to own another buck at our rabbitry. Looking to breed just once to keep one red doe and would gladly give a person $ for breeding. This is an exceptional doe . Thanks, Lewis Jones.

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