Barn cat cross breed

instengDecember 13, 2012

We just bought 56 acres in the country this year and we inherited a barncat that showed up with three little kittens. The mother is just a plain gray tabby but the kittens look like minature bobcats. They look exactly like small bobcats even down to the long rear legs and the tufts of hairs growing on their ears. Two of them are the same color as a bobcat and the third one which just died of worms was the color of the mother with a stub tail. How common is it for bobcats to cross breed with domestic cats? We have several bobcats in the woods on our place. They are about 6 months old now and have bigger feet than their mother.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

People would breed in Texas 25 years ago sell young 500 each for pets. If going use them as pets need de-claw at vets. They catch all mice rats around there faster than house cat. There all kinds names for mix breed I name pixie bob.

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I'm keeping them as barn cats. I've had several people ask to take them but I like them around to take care of the mice and others animals. Before they showed up we were ovrrun with mice now you don't see any sign of them. we are only there on the weekends so they fend for themselves during the week and do really good at it. Even though they are still young you can see them stalking things around the barn. They also calmed down enough where you can pet them a little. THough one of them will growl at the other kitten and the mother when he is eating.

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It's possible, but uncommon, for the cross to occur. They don't tame down very well, but as a barn cat they are excellent.

Trap them and have them neutered before this spring, before feline puberty strikes. And have the mother altered too.

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Would it be more likely that the Momma got friendly with a Manx? They have the jacked up back legs and stub tail. I have a little calico Manx and a large "Siamese" looking boy with long hair and the huge back feet/legs.

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