The Blizzard of 2009!

orchardcreek(6)December 23, 2009

How did everyone cope with the blizzard on the East Coast? I'm in Maryland, and thanks to my wonderful tractor, getting hay to the horses and plowing the driveway wasn't too difficult. I had to go break the ice on the water troughs a number of times, but it wasn't too taxing. Anyone have a real hard time of it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Orchard Creek Farm Blog

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Hardly a blizzard here in CT-we had about 7 inches or so. Just enough to keep hubby plowing & cleaning up for about 5 hours or so on sunday, that included pasture walkways. The snow was heavy.

I guess we're kinda lucky compared to some other areas, we do have the equipment to handle it. 2 plows, 1 tractor, snowblowers & a backhoe so cleanup isn't so bad. This storm there was only 1 operator/driver though so cleanup took a while. The boys were out cleaning their girlfriends driveways where normally they're here helping.


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Wow 7 inches of snow? We've only had about 3 inches but the temperature outside is as cold as -16c.

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Hope you enjoyed your White Christmas!

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