Geese in way south Florida

corrie22December 27, 2009

I'm totally new to geese, but I want some! ;-)

After reading until I'm crosseyed, I think I've decide on getting three French Toulouse. Just the regular common ones, one gander and two hens.

I know me, these will be pets and have a three acre grove to run around in.

What can you guys tell me about them? am I making a mistake??

I don't even know what kind of house to make for them!

Thanks everyone


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easy keepers, affectionate towards owners, but aggrsseive to everyone else. Once theyre past baby stage they almost care for themselves. Protect them from dogs (the ones that are brave enough to try )

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Thanks Josh!

I really don't want a dog, so that's what the geese would be for = watch-geese.

I'm thinking about regular French Troulouse, if I can find any.


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