Hatching goose eggs?

denninmi(8a)December 7, 2010

Does anyone have experience incubating goose eggs.

I have heard that they are more difficult to incubate than other fowl/poultry eggs -- true?

I have a pretty state of the art, automated incubator that is relatively "idiot proof" so that should help.

I also found what I believe would be a good source for eggs of the breed I want, which is the Pilgrim.

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Our daughter-in-law has hatched goose eggs just fine in our old chicken egg incubator. I think she dipped them in warm water once a day in addition to the humidity in the incubator, but I don't think she did anything else differently.

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Yes, I've hatched geese in the incubator I usually use for chicken eggs. There are excellent websites with detailed information on temps, humidity and hatch times. I attempted and hatched a pair of eggs two years running and had success with all four, but they had a harder time pipping, and I think it had to do with humidity issues.

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