Can I grow corn in peat moss/soil mixture?

fujiapple(z9 Bay Area, Dublin, CA)June 12, 2009

I grew potatoes this season in 4 large bins. The potatoes have been harvested, and now I want to reuse those containers to grow corn.

The potatoes had been hilled up using peat moss. Will I be able to mix some of that peat moss into new potting soil (say 50/50?) to grow the corn in? I've never used peat moss for anything else, so I don't know if other plants can grow in it.

Please advise! Just want to stretch my dollar and reuse the peat moss if I can!

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I don't like peat's water repellent properties when it get's dry, so if it were me, I'd re-use the peat in flats when germinating seedlings or mixed with leaf mold as a top dressing/mulch only.

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I think you can, corn resists many kinds of soil. Anyway I agree with dicot, you should mix it with something else.

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you could, if you wanted to contribute to environmental destruction of peat bogs

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fujiapple(z9 Bay Area, Dublin, CA)

Wow shiggle, what a rude remark.

A. I had no idea there was any environmental controversy surrounding the use of peat moss. I only bought it because I saw it recommended as good for hilling potatoes.

B. If that's true, shouldn't you be happy I am trying to find a way to REUSE said peat moss, rather than just throw it away?

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Uhhh, how was that rude?

Yes, I'm happy you're trying to reuse, but I'd only be truly happy if you never bought peat again ;)

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