When to know a tomato is ripe

genghis_bunnyJune 11, 2007

I recently saw a reference on here about when to know that a tomato is ripe. But not I can't find it. So how about it? When should I pick my tomatoes?

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When they're slightly squishy, look yummy, and a gentle tug on them makes them come off the vine.

Those are my guidelines, at least ;)

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

When they turn red...you know...every gardener just knows...I like mine a little on the firm side so I watch and wait and when the time is right...I always know and you will too...

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Pick lots of tomatoes and eat them all right away out in the garden before they get old and stale carrying them into the house. LOL.

Remember to always carry a salt shaker in the tomato patch. :-)

I never grew a bad tomato in my life and I hope you never do also.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Just before the tomato stalk joins the truss there is a little 'knee'. If a slight kink on the tomato breaks it off at the knee, it is ripe.

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A ripe tomato should be slightly soft (unlike the grocery store ones). And as far as the color it depends on what type you planted red, white, yellow, green, bi-color....

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The critters around here usually tell me when mine are ripe!
If I think one more day will make the tomato perfect...they always beat me to it.J

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