el cheapo garden gate pergola

tn_gardeningJune 4, 2013

OK, I'm kinda proud of myself :-)

I priced pergolas at the local stores and found them to be rather expensive ($75 to >$200). I balked and thought to myself that i could probably make something out of some scrap wood that would suffice for my lil garden oasis.

A couple 2x4s & a couple dog-ear fence boards. A lil time with the jigsaw and the the drill and voila. I think it matches my repurposed picket fence and hodge podge raised garden beds just fine.

I only wished i had a couple scrap 2x4s so it would blend in and have that weathered look. Oh well, i suspect by next Spring it'll match nicely.

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bragu_DSM 5

4 4x4x10
4 2x8x10
enough 2x6x12 for 16 inch on center
dog eared fencing for roof

concrete em in the ground
bolts to attach the 2x8 to the 4x4

2 boxes deck screws

nice weekend project you will enjoy for yrs to come

buy a couple pieces of wood each paycheck, you will have enough in about 3-4 paychecks at about $50 per time


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