Picket fence made from pallet

yorkie3mom(Z5 MI)August 30, 2004

does anyone have any idea how to make a picket fence out of pallets? I have searched the web and cant find any instructions. Help please?

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quirkpod(7 Lewisville NC)

Using the pallets as the frame for each fence panel, you'd have to first install posts to attach each panel to at the correct distance apart, then cover the frames with your choice of pickets. You probably wont find any instructions anywhere, since I can assure you - you are the inventor here. What a wonderful way to use a free otherwise trashed item!

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daffknee_2000(central OH zone 5)

We are also making a picket fence out of pallets... we are taking our pallets apart, then cutting the slats to all be of equal width and height. Then, cut the point on them to make the "picket" We will be using the other pieces from the pallets to make the posts and the boards that go behind the pickets to make the "frame". This idea would make for a shorter fence, but you could get all of your pallets for free. If you wanted to purchase 4x4 posts, you could increase the height of it. I think we will be putting ours around our vegetable garden with a small gate going into it.
Probably won't have it done til spring, since we are trying to save up enough pallets.

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slomovingardner(se georgia)

Hi I had to add my two cents here..My husband and I use pallets all over. He broke a oak pallet down and built me a swing it is 10 yrs old now and still fine. then we made a replica outhouse using them.Very cute its5 yrs and fine and then we have made a privacy fence to cover trash cans and covered the outside of his shop with them. They have that really weather look like a old barn I will have to take some pics and show yall. Its free wood and a lot of the time really good wood.And we live out in the country so no neighbor problems. Sheree

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Where do you guys get pallets? I see them once and a while but wouldnt know where to find one now if my life depended on it. Just curious.

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slomovingardner(se georgia)

my husband works for a roofing supply co so he has an unlimited supply.but most places like building supply and such have a lot of them and have to pay to have them removed so check out those places.. good luck Sheree

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RuralGardener(z5 IN)

Here is a website that I found.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pallet fence

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pcraqha(z6 ks)

I also am in the process of builing a picket fence from pallets. I also have in the past seen gorgeous kitchen cabinets made from pallet wood. I hit the motherlode 2 days ago when I found a place that makes pallets in the town 7 miles north of me. I called them and they said they have stacks of pallets I can have as many of them as I want from these stacks. And to let you know how big the stacks are, I was 2 blocks away from the company on a main street and noticed them. There are thousands upon thousands to choose from. I will make my picket fence, and my composter, and my greenhouse and my new kitchen cabinets, and as many craft projects as I can come up with to recycle these pallets. I also found a great resource at the dump we have a salt plant in that same town 7 miles north and they have the cardboard salt containers we all are familiar with, 3 inches across the base and 6 inches tall approximately. I have cut them in half to use for my seedlings. They are by the thousands too. Now to find something else to do with them. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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gardeners_hands(8, coastal WA)

pcraqha... those salt boxes are great for little kids to pound on as Indian drums (do we say Native American drums now?) I remember saving some up for my homeschooled kids. You might check with nursery/preschool, and kindergarten teachers in your area. They could also paint them with poster paint and with teacher cutting a slot for them have a nice bank.

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I use my pickup truck to pickup pallets and i sell them back to pallet companys. So pallets arent completely worthless but its still cheaper than buying a fence from Home Depot. I am using a 40 inch wide by 48 inch long pallet because they are worth the most and thats what I have. I broke down the pallets completely with a 2x4 and leverage. If you have a reciprocating saw with a metal blade you can slide it between the boards and cut the nails. I had some 4x4 post that i remolved from an extremely large pallet. I cut the 4x4's 6 feet in length leaving 2 feet to bury. I nailed two stringers together so it would be easier to nail the slats to.
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