Painting on gourds

Weed_Pickin_Momma(z7 AR)September 23, 2003

I just have a question about painting on gourds.

I went to a terrific plant swap at my friend's house this past weekend and was given several large gourds.

I have never painted on these before (I will use acrylics) and was wondering if any of you have done this before?

I was thinking of drilling a hole in them to make bird houses out of for Christmas gifts. They look like they need sanding possibly before painting. Can they be treated the same as a wood painting would be treated?

Thanks for any comments/ suggestions!


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anne54(East Coast)

I went to the top of this page and clicked on
the Garden Web home page link. In the search
engine I typed in "gourd painting". Quite a
few links about that came up. Sounds like fun.

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Weed_Pickin_Momma(z7 AR)

Thanks Anne!
I did a search after my post also (duh me.. lol)
and found a tremendous amount of info! I also visited several websites of artists that do this for a living! One sold hers finished gourd for $3200.00!!!!
I have messed with Donna Dewberry's "One Stroke" tecniques and found the flowers and leaves so appealing.. and easy! Although I admit for animals and butterflies I like a more realistic approach.
Here's one of the websites I visited. Her work is so lovely!

Here is a link that might be useful: Painting on Gourds - Lasting Memories

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anne54(East Coast)

Thanks Becky, for the link.

Until I joined Garden Web I did not know that
painting of gourds was a big thing, even though
I had grown them myself.

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Carole_NSW(N.S.W., Aust.)

Hi Becky, there is a fellow in Maitland, N.S.W - he has a business of growing and selling gourds - some painted, others not etc. His business name? The Gourdfather!!

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Carole_NSW(N.S.W., Aust.)

I found their website - note there is even a Gourd webring!

You will have to cut paste - I don't know why but when I put it into the URL section here it is rejected.

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I have painted on gourds! It is a lot of fun, if you don't mind the prep time. First you dry them over the winter. Then next spring when they are dry you can cut a hole in them and clean out the insides. Then if you soak it in bleach water, the dried stuff on the outside of the gourd scrubs off and becomes a beautiful pumpkin color! I had a lot of fun with them! I will post a pic of one I painted to look like a goose, when I have more time. Good Luck!

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pesky1(7, Pacific NW)

I obtained some dried gourds this summer...she'd already done the cleaning on them, but I see that some have black, mildewy spots. Is this typical? Will I need to use a primer before painting mine?

The gourds I got are shaped like ladies...they have an 'hourglass' figure! I'm going to make them into garden diva's. I will be working on them this winter, but wanted to make sure that when I paint them they will be ok!

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