Weed_Pickin_Momma(z7 AR)September 18, 2003

One more.

I did this this past May 2003. I haven't touched a paint brush for 4 years before this, or since. So it is a bit rusty. It is amazing how much one forgets when you don't keep up with your work.

I painted this on wood using acrylics. The original drawing I copied from a book I once saw but changed it a bit to suit my needs. I usually don't like doing that but really liked the drawing.

I made this for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day.


Image link:

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anne54(East Coast)

Sweet and very beautiful. I loved
your pencil drawings too

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Weed_Pickin_Momma(z7 AR)

Thank you. :)
I went to your website. I adore what you have done. The garden painting with the man and lady is so beautiful it leaves me speechless! Just Lovely!
I read on your page and my heartfelt sorrow for your losses. I can only imagine how hard that must be. Our memorabilia is so irreplaceable..priceless.
I too am having to learn a new climate as I moved to AR about 4 years ago. I was born in CA but lived in Utah most of my life. I miss the mountains so much!
I do love the different flowers that grow here. I could never have an azalea in Utah! LOL
I have a hard time getting to garden much as I have a daughter that is 1 1/2. She keeps me very busy most of the time.
Your work is so inspiring to me.
I put your website in my favorites :)

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anne54(East Coast)

Thanks so much, my dear Rebecca. Your work is
inspiring to me too. We are not allowed to
promote our sites in this forum, but you have
just done that very nicely for me. Please
come back often as I am always adding new
stuff. I now have my own "Garden Art Gallery"
in the Woodcut Paintings section.

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Carole_NSW(N.S.W., Aust.)

I've enjoyed your painting also Rebecca - the peaceful dove is depicted perfectly. As several other posts I've read tonight have reminded me ....of peaceful doves I've depicted in another artform; stitchery. I'm sure your mother-in-law cherishes your gift and talent.

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