astral ginger

ubiquityOctober 24, 2003

some tinkering with a photo i took...have a look!

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Carole_NSW(N.S.W., Aust.)

I like it!! What programme did you use and what features?

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thanks carole! :)

i've really no idea what all i used to make this other than it was a photo i took and there were some thingamajigs that let me tinker with the image...part of a camera set that frankly wasn't mine at all but the camera owner stood behind me telling me what all i could do with the fine tuning of the image and was fun! :)

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margaret,..please feel free to elaborate if you wanna...

your friend
jon aka ubi

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Oh gosh, I didn't realize what you were doing, Jon, I thought you meant to post that and forgot the last step! I didn't realize that you were signed in as me, sorry about that!
The program Jon used was Corel PhotoHouse, it has some neat features for an older photo program. This one was produced in an unorthodox manner but for the life of me I can't recall what he did.

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