Paphiopedilum Orchid Botanical

inchworminjersey(7)October 31, 2003

These flowers almost look like people to me. Any comments or thoughts appreciated. Thanks, Kathy (inchworminjersey)

Image link:

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Carole_NSW(N.S.W., Aust.)

Kathy I enjoyed your painting expertise - I think you must slip into another wonderful world when you can capture images on canvas like you do. I particularly enjoy botanical and insect creations. By the time you complete your artwork I can well understand how they've developed a personality all of their own that you associate with.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI Kathy, that is lovely. Is that watercolor? Do you grow the paphs? They are really terrific. I've got several that are getting ready to open and will be neat. I love that the flowers stay open so long.

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Thanks Carole for your comments, and yes, Deanne, I am growing the Paph that is shown right now. It has lasted for weeks and weeks and shows no sign of giving up the show. I have it in the basement under lights so those cool growing conditions help it along. I don't water it all that much...every nine days or so...but I do spray them in the AM with a mist.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

That is very neat that you are growing the paph you painted! I love to work from my own plants or photos. The floral piece in my post here was worked up completely from my photo morgue. I had to change colors out because the rose originally was a Peace and I didn't have any yellow in the painting.

The paphs are just terrific really. They are so satisfying because the flowers, as you said, just last so darned long. I've got one right now that has six buds ready to go!!! It has enormous chartreuse and apricot flowers. YOu'd love it. Anyway, lovely painting and also great that you grew it!

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